Hello world!

Hello! My name is Adrienne and I AM Awesome!!! Why do I feel the need to say that I am awesome let alone start a blog that’s name literally says I am awesome? Because we all need to realize that we are GOOD ENOUGH already, WE ARE ALL AWESOME and no one should make us feel or tell us otherwise-EVER! I created this blog to share with you me, my life and why I feel it is ok to say out loud that I AM Awesome. My main hope for this is to reach as many people as possible to inspire, set fire to your goals and help you feel and look awesome inside and out! So many people in the world have low self-esteem and I know first hand what harm and unnecessary agony can come when this is how you feel. I was a chubby, very chubby, little girl and as I grew up I did so without a sense of true self-worth, without dreams or goals, without direction or motivation, simply put without belief in MYSELF. Perhaps this “chubbiness” alone set the path for the past 32 years of low self-esteem? I am not sure and I wouldn’t change a thing but I would like to help, if I can, to relate to others that may find themselves in a similar situation. Ok, back to the awesomeness….Then….THANK GOD…. one glorious day, not too long ago, I realized that I AM Great, I AM Awesome, I can do anything I put my mind to because I know I am worth it and capable without a doubt. I realized that I  deserve the best, I deserve to be loved & respected and most importantly I deserve to LOVE MYSELF just the way I am. This upward spiral of GREATNESS gradually occurred sometime after getting married in 2006, giving birth to the most delicious little boy in the world in 2009, getting divorced in 2009, losing my job in 2010, making bad decision after bad decision and hitting the lowest of lows in 2011.

When you allow “bad things” to happen to you there is no other place but to look inside yourself and take ownership of the current state of your life. That is what I  did. I put a stop to all the “bad things” that were happening and started to make good decisions all around. I found a GREAT job as a Corp. Trainer for a logistics company where I discovered how passionate I am about teaching, training and helping people! I also started to commit myself to a healthy lifestyle of fitness and nutrition. This has made the biggest impact in my life so far. I love working out and I love eating right! I have never felt so happy with myself! I have endless energy! I love & respect my body and health so much that I make almost all of my decisions based around how and what will it do for my body? How will I feel after I eat/drink or do this? The last 2 things that I allowed to enter into my life after such yuckiness were perhaps the 2 most important and life changing: True and definite Belief in God and belief in positivity.  Their power is awesome and because of that I can say without a doubt that I AM Awesome.

Now its June 2012 and I have recently been laid off from that Corp Training job (downsizing-not because I wasn’t awesome)! BUT with my overwhelming sense of POSITIVITY and belief that God has nothing but greatness in store for me, I am more awesome than ever! I am very close to obtaining my Personal Training Certification which I had been working on for the past several months and it is my dream and goal to make that my next “job”…..I wouldn’t even consider it a job I would consider it a gift that I get to reach out to people to help them feel how I feel! My wish to be able to spread/share and shine my knowledge onto others is what led me to starting this blog. I want to share my experiences, my recipes and workouts, my smoothies, my positivity and motivation and my passion for life with anyone who wants it! I have been told it’s contagious!!! My hope is that you share this blog with anyone that you feel would benefit from it in any way and that you enjoy being awesome as much as I do!



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