Things don’t exist unless they are imagined first!

Don’t stop believing, reaching or day dreaming about what you want. Your thoughts turn into reality so why not reach for the stars? Why not want great things and people in your life? Why not surround yourself with ideas and words that you want to become your reality. I made this Goal/Inspiration board a few months ago and I know it may seem silly but it keeps me focused and excited about what I want to keep present in my life and what I am reaching for. Last night I freaked out pretty bad about being laid off, being broke, having to move soon and basically everything I had gone through in the past 3 years. THAT WAS OVERWHELMING TO SAY THE LEAST!   I felt that maybe I was being too much of a dreamer and not being realistic with my current situation.  Then someone very close to me reminded me that “things don’t exist unless they are imagined first!” Goals and dreams are what keep us motivated and excited to be alive! Be smart. Be motivated. Don’t stop just because a small road-block has come your way….use it to spring you into even more greatness. I believe there is nothing better than overcoming a challenge or several at one time. This feeling is like no other! Working out to me, whether it’s lifting weights and getting through that last set when you think there is no way and then you do 5 more reps just to say “ha, I did it and then I did some more when I didn’t even think I could do it at all”. Or when you think you will run the track 6 laps and you do 7 or 8 because you believed you could so you did even though it wasn’t your plan when you started. Life is about pushing yourself to the limit and celebrating at the end! It’s the journey not the destination. How proud will you be of yourself when things get tough and you overcome and then some???!!!

“Anything in life worth having is worth working for.” -Andrew Carnegie


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