Are you in an abusive relationship with your own body?

Think about this….relationships are what lives are made up of right? Who are you closer to than your own body? There is no one else that will speak the truth better than your body. We are all souls/spirits inhabiting a body. We get to make that body function poorly or amazingly depending on how we treat it.  It reacts directly based upon what you feed it, if you exercise it, if you let it sleep and of course adversely if you do the opposite. It can not tell a lie. This should be one of the best relationships you have-always truthful, listen to your body, when its hungry feed it and feed it well. When it needs to stretch drop down and give it a downward facing dog. When it needs to rest lay it down.

What do you want most out of a relationship with your significant other? Love and respect right? Anything less is ABUSIVE. Don’t abuse your own body! Please! So many times I hear people complaining of aches and pains, feeling sluggish, having headaches, feeling tired and weak….guess what….your body is mad at you and it’s trying to tell you!!! Example: It’s 11 a.m and you have a headache, lack of motivation, sleepy, miserable…sound familiar? That is your body telling you that you forgot to love it by feeding it breakfast and you also forgot to respect it by oh so casually missing its mid morning snack. It may also be a little bitter that you let it lay around all night instead of taking it for a walk the night before. Give your body what it needs and it will be your best friend!

Not eating is abuse. Eating badly is abuse. Drinking your face off repeatedly is abuse. Lack of exercise is abuse. Once you have abused something so much it shuts down, it will hide, it will search for happiness in all the wrong places. It will become dark and scarred. Please don’t abuse your own body. It needs you and you need it just like every good relationship…there is give and take. Give it what it needs so you can get what you need. You need to be happy above all else. Use your own body to do this!  You have the control (which is not something we can say about a lot in life). The choice is yours-STAY IN THE ABUSE OR LEAVE IT, CHANGE IT, MAKE IT BETTER, MAKE IT AWESOME. We are all capable you just have to want it bad enough to make it a priority and take the leap. When you realize you are worth it you will end the “abuse” walking away never looking back with no regrets. You will feel and know you made the right choice. You will choose love and you will choose respect. You will choose happiness. xoxoxo-A


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