Be Full of LOVE

Be full-full of thanks and gratitude for everything you have and are going through. Be mindful of others and how they act, who are they and what they are not. Take and absorb the traits of others that you wish to be. We are attracted to others because they have traits that we want in ourselves. Be fully aware of what you are doing at every moment. I just tucked my son into bed and as we talked I was very much in that moment. I was fully aware of that too. It was like I stepped out of myself and saw us and reminded myself to pay attention and feel the moment and enjoy it and I did.

I have also noticed that in my life I have met people and I have strongly gravitated to them because of certain traits they possessed. I didn’t realize it at the time but I did and now I can see in myself certain things about my family and friends that I really admire about them. Then on the flip side maybe also a little bit of what I consciously try not to be. I am sure I am looked at the same way so that was not an insult in any way. We are who we are. Wouldn’t it be great if we were all born with a job title on our birth certificates so that we didn’t have to spend all of this time trying to figure it out….ha! Mine would say: Adrienne Lefcakis (I have no middle name) born April 15, 1980 Pittsburgh, PA “Future Personal Trainer and super loving person”. Or could they at least have a disclaimer that says: “God loves you and everything will always be ok-promise.”

Be very grateful for all of your past experiences. People really do come in and out of your life for very good reasons. Once you realize its ok to let go and take that person and those experiences to help you keep growing-you will be a much calmer and smarter person. They are put in your life for a reason at the time and taken out at a time. It is all part of a master plan and a great one at that. You just have to believe that everything will always be ok. People can change, people can be sorry and realize what they have done in the past was wrong. I really don’t like the phrase “people don’t change”. I do believe you “can’t change people”….they have to do that on their own. We almost can’t blame each other for the way we act in particular situations because it only happened like that because of who we were in the process of realizing this concept. So my point is, don’t hold grudges, don’t put blame and hate. Just accept it for what it is now and make the best of it! Make it awesome! Love really is what makes the world go round. Once you choose love as your path I swear things get easier and easier to sail through.

Just some things I’ve learned along my way…..



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