Lovely Lower body workout

Ok-so this is a typical “leg day” for me….which was today…and oh look I know exactly what I did because I wrote it down! Yay!

At my gym they could not have made it easier to follow….4 of the 5 machines are in a row right there waiting for me to crush them. Hip Adduction, Hip Abduction, Glute machine and Hamstring curls. Boom, boom, boom and boom.  You can see how I increased the weight by 5 lbs each set (except for the glutes and quads).  With the quad machine I like to go light and do lots of reps-don’t want to bulk up that area. My hamstrings are not that strong so I keep it light on the weight for now and try to just increase a little each time. The  kettle bell squats I did at home when I got back and before I went running. I had high hopes of running 45 min outside but after 25 I thought I was going to die in the heat so I stopped so I didn’t! I rest for only about 30 seconds between each set and about a min before I start the next machine. I like to get in and get out. I warmed up for 5 min on the elliptical then I stretched. I also stretch a little in between machines if I feel I need it. I also, of course, stretch when I am completely done after running. I will prob stretch later this afternoon too. I love to stretch! Stretching is sooooo important to make sure you don’t injure yourself. How will you continue being awesome if you pull something because you didn’t stretch enough??? It is also important to make notes on what you liked, what you didn’t, how you felt-good or bad- and clearly its important to keep telling yourself you are awesome! (That was my note to myself today because I loved everything that I did)

Now go crush some legs!


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