Staying Focused daily~because tomorrow may never even come~

Stay Focused! Rule #1 when trying to achieve results. Write stuff down. Keeping track and setting daily goals is the best way to go.Rome was not built in a day. I use a BodyMinder to keep track of what I am doing to my body and what I am feeding it. Its like a “To Do List” for your body. The most important part of you. The part that allows you to go and do and enjoy life.  I know it can seem overwhelming to keep track of all you have to do in a day and now I want you to write down your workouts and what you ate? Seriously? YES, seriously!!! It will help keep you accountable and get results. It gives you an outline for each day, including columns for how much water you drank to how intense your workout was and a meter to grade your goals met for the day.Of course it also helps you keep track of cardio, strength training and calories. I don’t want you to worry about where you are going to be in 2 weeks or in a month or 2. Where are you today? Where will you be tomorrow? What steps are you taking today to achieve the results you want? I have used this and then stopped and I assure you that it is better to use than not.  You can look at it and be proud of how awesome you are. It’s right there on paper as proof!




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