Lovely Lower body workout

Ok-so this is a typical “leg day” for me….which was today…and oh look I know exactly what I did because I wrote it down! Yay!

At my gym they could not have made it easier to follow….4 of the 5 machines are in a row right there waiting for me to crush them. Hip Adduction, Hip Abduction, Glute machine and Hamstring curls. Boom, boom, boom and boom.  You can see how I increased the weight by 5 lbs each set (except for the glutes and quads).  With the quad machine I like to go light and do lots of reps-don’t want to bulk up that area. My hamstrings are not that strong so I keep it light on the weight for now and try to just increase a little each time. The  kettle bell squats I did at home when I got back and before I went running. I had high hopes of running 45 min outside but after 25 I thought I was going to die in the heat so I stopped so I didn’t! I rest for only about 30 seconds between each set and about a min before I start the next machine. I like to get in and get out. I warmed up for 5 min on the elliptical then I stretched. I also stretch a little in between machines if I feel I need it. I also, of course, stretch when I am completely done after running. I will prob stretch later this afternoon too. I love to stretch! Stretching is sooooo important to make sure you don’t injure yourself. How will you continue being awesome if you pull something because you didn’t stretch enough??? It is also important to make notes on what you liked, what you didn’t, how you felt-good or bad- and clearly its important to keep telling yourself you are awesome! (That was my note to myself today because I loved everything that I did)

Now go crush some legs!

Staying Focused daily~because tomorrow may never even come~

Stay Focused! Rule #1 when trying to achieve results. Write stuff down. Keeping track and setting daily goals is the best way to go.Rome was not built in a day. I use a BodyMinder to keep track of what I am doing to my body and what I am feeding it. Its like a “To Do List” for your body. The most important part of you. The part that allows you to go and do and enjoy life.  I know it can seem overwhelming to keep track of all you have to do in a day and now I want you to write down your workouts and what you ate? Seriously? YES, seriously!!! It will help keep you accountable and get results. It gives you an outline for each day, including columns for how much water you drank to how intense your workout was and a meter to grade your goals met for the day.Of course it also helps you keep track of cardio, strength training and calories. I don’t want you to worry about where you are going to be in 2 weeks or in a month or 2. Where are you today? Where will you be tomorrow? What steps are you taking today to achieve the results you want? I have used this and then stopped and I assure you that it is better to use than not.  You can look at it and be proud of how awesome you are. It’s right there on paper as proof!



Let’s talk about salad.

Shocker….I love salad…I know…..When I make a salad it’s like a little game for me to see how interesting I can make it…how delicious and nutritious I can make it or how I can imitate  a version of some of my favorite and more indulgent meals into a beautiful salad.

Pictured above are organic baby greens, tomatoes, chicken I cooked in a skillet with katamala olive spread-just a little, red onion, crumbled blue cheese-just a little, pine nuts (high in protein) and lastly flax and chia seeds because I didn’t have a smoothie this am so I just threw them in my salad instead.

Let’s talk about dressing. I would not want to make this oh so pretty and good for me salad and then dress it in pure fat-and NOT the good kind. So I always only use either balsamic and EVOO or Red wine and EVOO (2 tbsp).

Have fun with salad. The possibilities are endless and delicious!

Tomorrow’s salad….watermelon, goat cheese, tomato and red onion with honey basil vinaigrette dressing-home made!

Salads are an awesome choice once a day, everyday! Use your imagination to create something beautiful on your plate. Appreciate the color that a healthy meal brings to the table. The more colorful the better! There was a time in my life when I sat down to a table of food that was all the same color…that color was beige…that color was gross and haunts me to this day. Don’t be beige…be beautiful!!! xoxoxo-A

Snack time! Greek Yogurt w/ granola and fresh fruit!

My ABSOLUTE favorite snack! 1/2 c  Chobani plain Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup Organic High Protein Granola and 1/4 cup fresh fruit (this pic has a white nectarine with it).

Why Greek yogurt? It is the highest in protein -It is the King of all yogurts-nothing compares, low carbs, low sugar and naturally NO FAT. (To name a few)

The high protein granola I choose because it is packed with all kinds of goodies-soy flakes, oats, cranberries, sunflower seeds and flax seeds.

This snack is about 200 calories, 16 g protein, 12 g sugar, 4.5 g fat, 5 g fiber and 18 g carbs perfect for mid morning snack! I usually have this after my smoothie, dropping Max off at school and then going to the gym and or running…..about 3 hours after having my smoothie in the a.m.

My son loves this snack too! I feel its crucial to start our kids off eating right so they can have these good habits from the start and not be stuck, like many of us, trying to change bad habits 20, 30 or 40 years in the making! It is our responsiblity as parents to guide them. Now is the time.

If you think you don’t like yogurt or Greek yogurt-please I beg you to think again and give it another try. Sooooo good for you! You should care what your calories are made up of. What value do they bring to you and your day? Don’t just fill your body with calories-fill it with good for you calories!



Mini Meat Muffins!

I got this idea from this recipe:

I changed it just a little!

I added chopped asparagus and used flaxseed meal and oat bran instead of oats.

I added hot sauce and crushed red pepperflakes and did not use cumin. I used fresh thyme because I have it growing in my window.

Don’t be afraid to use what you have on hand already, substitute or omit some ingredients….you do not ever have to follow recipes exactly! I think it’s boring, I like to make it my own…so go make these your own!

These are great for you and I promise they are delicious!!! These are also great for your kids!  Mini so they are appealing to little ones-like meatballs and like mini muffins! I made 1 batch of the mini and 1 batch of the full size. I ate some, refrigerated some and froze some.

That’s how I do what I do-Enjoy!!!! xoxoxo-A

Peanut butter protein packed chili

Peanut butter protein packed chili-1 large can crushed organic fire-roasted tomatoes, 1 large can organic diced tomatoes,  1  can each black beans, great northern beans and red kidney beans, 1 lb ground turkey cooked and seasoned with 1/4 pack of your fav chili seasoning, 1/3 c chopped white onion and 1/2 c chopped green pepper, 2 hot banana peppers chopped,  hot sauce and ground pepper to taste and lastly 2 heaping tablespoons of natural peanut butter.

Why I like this: Hello-I love protein and this is packed with it, 3 different types of beans, lean and mean ground turkey and even some peanut butter to kick it to the next level!!!! Making something so good for you in a large amount is one way I find it easy to make great choices when it’s time to eat! Left-overs!! Chili is the perfect leftover! Let’s be smart and not add cheese and no bread is needed for dipping. This is lean and mean and protein packed, perfect for dinner after your workout! Easy-done-it’s already made-just warm it up! I made this for my dad for Father’s day and also got my mom-who is trying to get her healthy lifestyle on- and my 90 year old YiaYia-who had seconds- to eat it for dinner. I then brought some to my boyfriend and brought some home for me…oh and yes my parents have leftovers too. It’s like the never-ending gift of protein and honestly not much makes me happier than getting the gift of protein!!! (Not too sure about my dad though-haha) ENJOY! DFTBA!

Are you in an abusive relationship with your own body?

Think about this….relationships are what lives are made up of right? Who are you closer to than your own body? There is no one else that will speak the truth better than your body. We are all souls/spirits inhabiting a body. We get to make that body function poorly or amazingly depending on how we treat it.  It reacts directly based upon what you feed it, if you exercise it, if you let it sleep and of course adversely if you do the opposite. It can not tell a lie. This should be one of the best relationships you have-always truthful, listen to your body, when its hungry feed it and feed it well. When it needs to stretch drop down and give it a downward facing dog. When it needs to rest lay it down.

What do you want most out of a relationship with your significant other? Love and respect right? Anything less is ABUSIVE. Don’t abuse your own body! Please! So many times I hear people complaining of aches and pains, feeling sluggish, having headaches, feeling tired and weak….guess what….your body is mad at you and it’s trying to tell you!!! Example: It’s 11 a.m and you have a headache, lack of motivation, sleepy, miserable…sound familiar? That is your body telling you that you forgot to love it by feeding it breakfast and you also forgot to respect it by oh so casually missing its mid morning snack. It may also be a little bitter that you let it lay around all night instead of taking it for a walk the night before. Give your body what it needs and it will be your best friend!

Not eating is abuse. Eating badly is abuse. Drinking your face off repeatedly is abuse. Lack of exercise is abuse. Once you have abused something so much it shuts down, it will hide, it will search for happiness in all the wrong places. It will become dark and scarred. Please don’t abuse your own body. It needs you and you need it just like every good relationship…there is give and take. Give it what it needs so you can get what you need. You need to be happy above all else. Use your own body to do this!  You have the control (which is not something we can say about a lot in life). The choice is yours-STAY IN THE ABUSE OR LEAVE IT, CHANGE IT, MAKE IT BETTER, MAKE IT AWESOME. We are all capable you just have to want it bad enough to make it a priority and take the leap. When you realize you are worth it you will end the “abuse” walking away never looking back with no regrets. You will feel and know you made the right choice. You will choose love and you will choose respect. You will choose happiness. xoxoxo-A

Too delicious not to share tuna salad!!!

Oh. my. goodness is this good!

Tuna salad-super healthy because it’s made with avocado and Greek yogurt

2 5 oz cans of white albacore tuna

1/2 avocado

1 celery stick chopped

2 tsp chopped onion

1 hard-boiled egg chopped

1 heaping tbsp Greek yogurt

dash lemon juice, pinch each ground blk pepper and parsley, drizzle olive oil

Makes about 2 cups total

(stuffed about 3/4 of a c in a hollowed out half of a tomato-the insides will go in my smoothie tomorrow morning! Also 5 Way Better chips-made with all kinds of good stuff and 2 tbsp cracked red pepper humus)