Healthy Heart 52 min cardio circuit workout

Do you have 52 min a day at least one or two days a week to devote to making your heart healthy? I know you know that eating right is going to help keep your heart healthy but what about your cardio workouts? I did this fun circuit this morning that totaled 52 min of moving and I burned 480 calories!  I get bored so easily so this kept me bouncing around from machine to machine and I burned on average 120 calories on each machine! I worked up an awesome sweat and felt great afterwards!!!

Here is what I did:

Stretch out hams, quads and calves for a few min

Warm up 5 min on treadmill then 10 min jogging at a good speed

Break and clean off treadmill which will keep you moving for 60 seconds

15 min on the cross trainer at a mid cross ramp and resistance setting

Break again but keep moving and clean machine

Hop on the elliptical and go hard for 12 min using the arms the entire time too

Break one more time, clean machine and keep moving for 60 seconds

Lastly get to work on the stepmill for 8 min then slow down/cool down for the last 2 min

Stretch and cool down

Done!!! Your heart will thank you!!!


Healthy balanced meal-smashed black beans topping roasted sweet potatoes with asparagus, mushrooms and chicken

3 oz chicken, handful of mushrooms, steamed asparagus made only with lemon juice and balsamic vinegar, roasted sweet potatoes brushed with olive oil, cinnamon and black pepper then topped with smashed black beans.

Let me tell you some of the awesome health benefits of this meal! Not only does it include roughly 1 part good fat, 3 parts carbs and 2 parts protein but it is packed with  vitamin D, high in fiber, vitamin A and C-these antioxidants also work as anti-inflammatories, and can reduce the symptoms of arthritis and asthma. Sweet potatoes are also a good source of copper, manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin B6. They also contain thiamin, riboflavin and niacin. I cannot say enough awesome things about sweet potatoes!!! The black beans are packed with vitamins,  minerals, fiber and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids! Then there is the asparagus-deliciously made with only lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. Asparagus has hardly any calories, no fat, no cholesterol and no sodium….it may make your pee smell but the folate-good for heart health, the fiber and the inulin-good for digestive health is well worth the trade off!!! This meal makes me smile big! It tastes so good and is so ridiculously good for you!




Pain, loss and anger: how to deal and not let it get the best of you.

I have a broken heart. I have an enormous amount of pain, loss and anger that I carry with me everyday for the past 3+ years. There is no pain that I have felt greater than watching my husband date another girl while I was pregnant with our son. Wait, there was way worse pain when I actually moved out and started “sharing” my 6 month old son with his dad. I lost my son, I lost 1/2 of a child that I carried for 9 months in my belly. I now and will forever deal with that loss. I know Max is right here and I can hug and kiss him every other weekend and on Wed and Thurs evenings but it is not what I envisioned growing up thinking of one day when I would have a family and a baby, a baby to hold and kiss and love every single day. I keep thinking to myself now that maybe the reason it is so painful sometimes is all of those years of anticipating wanting to be a mom then actually being a mom to then have it ripped away is what I lost. I get so angry sometimes but what can I do with that anger and pain? How can I positively put that to good use? I can workout to release some of the stress and anger I feel (and believe me I do and that is what has saved me)….I  can look at the glass half full instead of half empty. But the reality is the glass is half empty. I know that no good can come from dwelling on what I thought it would be like when I got married and had a baby. That isn’t what happened. I try so hard every second of every day to not let the anger, pain and loss get the best of me. I love Max that much more. I give him 55 kisses at night instead of 25 and 42 hugs instead of 12. He is getting mommy love overload. I have no control over this situation. What’s done is done and the reality is I have a son who is the best thing my world could have ever asked for and I have him half of the time. He comes and he goes. He asks who is picking me up today and whose house are my belongings at? Mommy’s house or daddy’s house? Breaks my heart, as if he doesn’t have a house….one place to call his own. The pain does not stop ever. Then more decisions, more pain, more questions on what should I do so that I don’t further cause more pain in either my life or his. How do I make sure he is OK when he isn’t with me? As his mom how do I just drop him off and let it all go until next time? What is right and what is wrong? I believe what is right for Max is to have a very unselfish mom and to always put him first. I hope in the end this will be what he learns from me: to love and respect people and be very unselfish, to care what he does to others, to make a commitment and stand by it, be able to look at any situation half full and make the best of every moment. I really hope that all of the anger, loss and pain that has settled in my heart will somehow be put to good use and reflected only by light onto him. I know everything happens for a reason and we are who we are because of our experiences but this is a really painful one and one that I know has made me a better person. I think the reason I am thinking about this so much now is that we are about to move out and start a new wonderful chapter in our lives. Out, finally out  from this place that we have lived in for the past 3 years-the place we moved to after all of that drama and trauma. Although the feeling of loss will always be with me I will not let it stop me from being awesome. I will also not pretend though as if it doesn’t exist and as if it doesn’t affect me. It is ok to let it out sometimes. It is ok to talk about pain, anger and loss because they are real and they are part of you….part of you but not the best of you.

Mind over matter

Feeling super inspired after a great reminder (at least what I took from it) in church today that God gave us our physical bodies to honor, respect them, treat them right, celebrate them, discipline them, train them and love them. I am reminded that as an official personal trainer now my biggest obstacle will be gaining the committment from my clients to make the change, to accept the resistance of what they want now for a greater, bigger future reward. I cannot make them want deep down to change their eating habits or to want to exercise. They will have to decide that for themselves and once they do-watch out because there will be no stopping them from that point forward! It is all connected, the value of knowing that you are loved by God unconditionally, but that to worship and honor him you will know and you will choose to value your life, your health, your well-being. You will want what he wants for you, what he intended all along for you. Eating right, exercising and resting gets you 3 steps closer to what was always intended for you. Our health effects everything that we do, our behavior, our attitudes and how we co-exist with one another. The biggest step is to first come to this realization and the rest-no pun intended-will be cake! Speaking of cake, I had some last night at a party, and I did not feel one bit of regret. Why not? Because like I have said before you should always allow yourself to celebrate, to “cheat”, to enjoy what you like in moderation. Daily you are resisting and disciplining yourself and that is why it is so much better when you get to have your cake and eat it too! For me, my cake is the daily discipline and resistance that I show which allows me to feel how I feel and do what I do. I hope you can relate to this because it is the key to making the change, to building your self-esteem, your muscles and your love for this precious life God has given you.

Now go…resist, train and then celebrate!Image


Some tips & tricks to getting your fit on









I know, I know….you “don’t like water”….you “don’t like salad, you don’t like veggies, you can’t run, you don’t have time, it cost too much to eat healthy”….if I had a dollar for every time I heard something like this, I would be rich or at least be able to buy a real Louis Vuitton bag!!!

Tip #1: Stop with the excuses! They will get you nowhere fast!

Tip #2: Yes you can! You really can! I promise! Don’t say I can’t and do not say I Don’t….only speak the words I can and I do and my favorite I did.

Tip#3: Drink water all day, everyday by adding fruit to it. I do this almost daily by filling up my DD Iced coffee cup that I usually get in the morning with water and fruit, whatever I have on hand.  I drink at least 3 of these 32 oz size cups on top of the iced coffee that I already had out of the same cup that morning. Drinking water is like a daily cleanse for yourself….it gives you clearer skin, it flushes all of the bad out of your system and your body literally needs it to survive! I do not drink enough water throughout the day without this cup, not joking, it’s like my security blanket.

Tip #4: Get a fitness buddy-they will help encourage you and keep you motivated while having fun with a friend!

Tip#5: Buy the same things over and over at the store. Pick your daily foods that are healthy and stick with them. This is what you eat now….there is no thinking, “hmmm what am I going to eat?”. You already know and you know its good for you. They will become your staples and then spice them up from time to time with different fruits, veggies, spices and herbs. For me this is usually chicken, ground turkey,  sweet potatoes or yams, rice cakes, peanut butter, almonds, Greek yogurt, granola, oatmeal, brown rice, milk, cheese, lettuce, fruits and veggies. I save so much time at the store and at home!

Tip #6: Be “that guy” when ordering at a restaurant. Feel free to ask for things the way you want them and should be eating them-steamed, grilled, no sauce, no cheese, etc. They might find you annoying but smile big and thank them so much…its worth getting a strange look or a roll of the eyes over putting empty junk in your body just because that is the way it is listed on the menu.

I hope these help you! I know they help me!


Love this workout-@ home or at the gym!


Start out with 5 min warm up on cardio machine or run outside and stretch out for a few min…..

 20 on each leg:

  1. Pilates leg lifts
  2. Back kick plank-this incorporates your abs also
  3. Side hip lifts (fire hydrants)

Repeat 1., 2. and 3.

3 sets of 20:

  1. Bridge lifts (pelvic thrusts)
  2. Oblique twist on mat with ball or dumbbell weight
  3. Sumo squat swings into triceps extensions with dumbbell weight, ball or kettlebell

20 min on cardio machine or run outside

Stretch 5 min

When doing all of these exercises it is so important to make very deliberate, slow and controlled movements. It is not a race. Make each one count. Squeeze the muscle you are focused on and feel the progress as it’s happening. Visualize your body changing form and concentrate only on the task at hand for that moment.

DONE and DONE! Should take just about an hour or just under!

kickin’ Cole Slaw

Wasabi mustard inspired healthy cole slaw for today’s 4th of July picnic! Inspired by a show on the Food Network, a recipe I found online and the wasabi mustard I discovered in the store yesterday. This is what my imagination came up with:

Packaged cole slaw mix (Dole) approx 1 and 3/4 packages

Chopped 1 yellow pepper,1  orange pepper, 1/4 c red onion, 2 banana peppers

Salt, pepper and red pepperflakes to taste

Crushed peanuts 1/4 c

Dressing: (mix all together then fold into the cole slaw mixture)

Plain non fat all natural yogurt-about 1 and 1/4 cup

Wasabi mustard 1/4 c

Grey Poupon Dijon mustard 1/4 c

Tbsp honey

Red wine vinegar 1/4 c

I plan on topping a bun less burger with this and hope all of my family enjoys it today! Yummy and healthy is always the best way to go!

Happy 4th of July!