Love this workout-@ home or at the gym!


Start out with 5 min warm up on cardio machine or run outside and stretch out for a few min…..

 20 on each leg:

  1. Pilates leg lifts
  2. Back kick plank-this incorporates your abs also
  3. Side hip lifts (fire hydrants)

Repeat 1., 2. and 3.

3 sets of 20:

  1. Bridge lifts (pelvic thrusts)
  2. Oblique twist on mat with ball or dumbbell weight
  3. Sumo squat swings into triceps extensions with dumbbell weight, ball or kettlebell

20 min on cardio machine or run outside

Stretch 5 min

When doing all of these exercises it is so important to make very deliberate, slow and controlled movements. It is not a race. Make each one count. Squeeze the muscle you are focused on and feel the progress as it’s happening. Visualize your body changing form and concentrate only on the task at hand for that moment.

DONE and DONE! Should take just about an hour or just under!


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