Mind over matter

Feeling super inspired after a great reminder (at least what I took from it) in church today that God gave us our physical bodies to honor, respect them, treat them right, celebrate them, discipline them, train them and love them. I am reminded that as an official personal trainer now my biggest obstacle will be gaining the committment from my clients to make the change, to accept the resistance of what they want now for a greater, bigger future reward. I cannot make them want deep down to change their eating habits or to want to exercise. They will have to decide that for themselves and once they do-watch out because there will be no stopping them from that point forward! It is all connected, the value of knowing that you are loved by God unconditionally, but that to worship and honor him you will know and you will choose to value your life, your health, your well-being. You will want what he wants for you, what he intended all along for you. Eating right, exercising and resting gets you 3 steps closer to what was always intended for you. Our health effects everything that we do, our behavior, our attitudes and how we co-exist with one another. The biggest step is to first come to this realization and the rest-no pun intended-will be cake! Speaking of cake, I had some last night at a party, and I did not feel one bit of regret. Why not? Because like I have said before you should always allow yourself to celebrate, to “cheat”, to enjoy what you like in moderation. Daily you are resisting and disciplining yourself and that is why it is so much better when you get to have your cake and eat it too! For me, my cake is the daily discipline and resistance that I show which allows me to feel how I feel and do what I do. I hope you can relate to this because it is the key to making the change, to building your self-esteem, your muscles and your love for this precious life God has given you.

Now go…resist, train and then celebrate!Image



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