Healthy Heart 52 min cardio circuit workout

Do you have 52 min a day at least one or two days a week to devote to making your heart healthy? I know you know that eating right is going to help keep your heart healthy but what about your cardio workouts? I did this fun circuit this morning that totaled 52 min of moving and I burned 480 calories!  I get bored so easily so this kept me bouncing around from machine to machine and I burned on average 120 calories on each machine! I worked up an awesome sweat and felt great afterwards!!!

Here is what I did:

Stretch out hams, quads and calves for a few min

Warm up 5 min on treadmill then 10 min jogging at a good speed

Break and clean off treadmill which will keep you moving for 60 seconds

15 min on the cross trainer at a mid cross ramp and resistance setting

Break again but keep moving and clean machine

Hop on the elliptical and go hard for 12 min using the arms the entire time too

Break one more time, clean machine and keep moving for 60 seconds

Lastly get to work on the stepmill for 8 min then slow down/cool down for the last 2 min

Stretch and cool down

Done!!! Your heart will thank you!!!


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