August Plank & Push up Challenge

Aug Plank and Push up challenge

It is August and I want you to walk the plank this month! Planks and push ups are both phenomenal exercises for your entire upper body and abs! I have been doing these for the past 3 months more than ever and I can definitely tell a difference in my arms and abs. They are making the difference!

I know you may be thinking you can’t even do 1 push up let alone support your entire body weight on your forearms for more than 2 seconds but you can and the more you try the better and stronger you will get. Your core will strengthen and your arms will sculpt!

Planks and push ups are key exercises in building three very important aspects: mental toughness, flexibility and strengthening!

This month I want you to just start somewhere, on your knees, on your knuckles, elbows in, elbows out, 1 at a time or 10 seconds at a time….just start!

All I want you to do is add them onto your existing workouts a few times a week or everyday-you pick as I do not like to dictate and force you to do x amount. I want you to want to try to beat yourself each time-doing more and holding longer!

Although push ups are used as punishment usually…… they really are the best exercise as far as I am concerned!!!

***Be aware of your form and make sure you are using your abs and arms to lower you down and push up.  Also, make sure your body is in a straight line from head to toe while planking and doing push ups. Think “butt down, face down”. Use the pictures above and below as your guide.

So, I am wishing you mental toughness and challenging you at home, at the park or in the gym to add planks and push ups to your training! xo-Aplank-on-elbows

Forearm plank


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