September-Adrienne’s Be Better Challenge



Bringing you Adrienne’s be Better Challenge this month to help you get back on track after summer or after a lifetime of yo-yo diets and unhealthy living!

We are going to focus on being better all around with our eating, cravings of sugar, drinking alcohol, upping our protein intake and pushing harder during workouts, especially cardio!

Think about the letter C-that is your theme and focus for the month!

He we go…..

Cut the CRAP-right now go into your fridge/freezer and pantry and THROW AWAY THE JUNK-if it isn’t there you can’t eat it!! Get rid of anything processed, check your labels and next time you go shopping only buy the good stuff! (lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, clean carbs, seeds, nuts and healthy oils) Especially focus on this for your kids too….make them snacks and lunch for school vs. buying everything pre packaged. Yes, I know it’s easier that way and no I still don’t want you to do it.

Kick up your CARDIO-give yourself a goal per week, mine is 10 miles per week and how I get there is the fun part as it can be one long run or a few shorter ones throughout the week outside or at the gym. Cardio can be on a stair climber, elliptical, treadmill, arc trainer or anything outside on a trail, road or track….so give yourself a weekly goal and hit it!

CHEAT less-sometimes I think we reward ourselves for a great workout or because we think “we were good” for a few days by having a super bad cheat meal or an extra beer, a cupcake….hello?! Completely counter productive!! Reward your hard work with something wholesome and delicious!!! In general try giving yourself an allowance or designated cheat or 2 per week, like only having a dessert or an alcoholic beverage every Friday or pick another day but get it under control. Only you can control this. The more you say NO to sugary sweets the less you will crave sweets. Treat yourself by treating yourself well- not with crap!

Eat CLEANER CARBS-start really thinking about the carbs you are eating. If every dinner and lunch includes bread or white pasta or both you must stop and replace them with good, complex clean carbs like sweet potatoes, rice, whole grain pasta, quinoa, beans and veggies.

Crank up your PROTEIN intake-try to eat as much protein in grams as your body weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds you should be eating 200 grams of protein per day. That means that 800 calories per day should be made up of protein for you.

So there you go 5 simple very achievable points you can focus on this month to help set a foundation for a healthier/happier lifestyle!

Let’s be better together!!! Be sure to use my site for recipe ideas as I do I have a ton on here!!

I will check in with you all month long to see how you are doing so be sure to Like my Facebook page by clicking the Like box above in the right hand corner for daily inspiration and check ins!




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