September “ABC” Be Better Challenge Check in!

checking in

Checking in with you all to see if you accepted my September Challenge and how you are doing??

It is already Sept 18th, wow that went fast! You know what, I have truly committed to the 5 challenges of being better and I feel great! Craving less sweets-zero stops at the local to die for bakery that I can literally walk to from my house! Eating more PROTEIN-this has been the biggest game changer! Protein keeps you so much fuller, which I really contribute to me craving less sweets and cheats! When you are hungry you will start to crave. So, don’t get hungry (by ensuring you get enough protein at each meal)…..don’t crave!! YES!!!

I have a ton more energy and with early 4:15 am wake-ups 2 times a week to train or instruct a class at the gym…I am not even tired or CRANKY-huge bonus for those around me!

I have kicked up my cardio by adding a super hard spin class just once a week and making myself hit 10 miles outside a week…it has been pretty beautiful out and the fresh air feels GREAT!! I have a fun 5K/ Obstacle course to do this Saturday morning too, can’t wait! Giving yourself goals such as, a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon to train for really helps you stay on track-because you have something to work towards! I highly recommend signing up for a “race” scheduled for a few months from now or in the spring-this will motivate you!!

I have really cut the crap-no processed boxed yuckies and no “on the go bars”-the thing is, could I grab a bar because I am in a hurry, sure, but that is not the best choice! The BEST choice is preparing the day/night before and making better choices!! I totally cleaned up my carbs too! I have only had pasta one time this month!! YAY!! I have been eating rice, oats and quinoa mostly as my carbs!

This is ALL very achievable!!! You can do this, this isn’t even hard. It is awesome, lovely and you will feel amazing once you start eating right and get/stay moving!

My biggest fear of growing older is not being able to stay mobile and energetic but I know that if I continue down the path that I am on I will be just fine!
When my son is 17 and I am 46 I want him to say, “Let’s go for a run together mom”. That would be AWESOME!

Let me know how you are doing or what you are struggling with-I am here to help!!