5 Days of Different!

5 days of different

Tomorrow starts 5 Days of eating different for me! I feel like I just need a change! Not a permanent change but just something different in my belly for a good week so today I went shopping. I bought no meat, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes….only fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts and some dairy. (A few other things too and other things on the list below I already had)

Monday through Friday I will only eat/drink the following:

Smoothies-the usual but with coconut milk and green water instead of almond milk


Greek yogurt

Cottage cheese


Peppers, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes

Black beans




Apples and bananas

Grapefruit and oranges

Pepitas and sunflower seeds


Peanut butter

Sweet potato whole grain chips

Rice cakes



Wheat germ, unsweetened coconut flakes and agave nectar

Olive oil

Kale and spinach

Hot herbal tea

Flaxseeds and chia seeds

Protein powder

Tons of water and NO COFFEE! I will be eating an apple instead first thing in the morning.

I spent about 40 min preparing this evening. Cutting, chopping and organizing, thinking and containing but I didn’t prepare every meal because I am just not sure what I will be in the mood for so I will decide then throw it together easily.

Some of this I already eat on a regular basis but I am eliminating meat and some carbs and adding a ton more fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts. I am also adding wheat germ and coconut flakes to smoothies, oatmeal and yogurt/cottage cheese.

I hope it is just what my body needs to feel revived and refreshed as we head into Thanksgiving week next week! In general I would like to eat this way more often so I am testing it out this week to see how I feel with my workouts and getting through life in general. I don’t count calories I just go on how I feel and what I know my body needs after and before working out etc… I want to make sure my energy stays up and I feel good, happy and full!

Do you already eat this way? Do you need a change?? Wish me luck! I have never gone long without eating meat…..!! Actually I have never tried not to eat meat so there…. No meat for 5 days but I am not really thinking of it that way. I am thinking more of what I AM eating instead of what I am not.



2 thoughts on “5 Days of Different!

  1. Best of luck to you! I just began eating meat again after about 5 months of none. And, similar to you, about a week ago, I decided I needed a change. Basically a system clean out. I juiced for the first day & had some vegetarian chili (all veg + a few beans). Second day juices, 1 soup (all veg) and an egg. Third day was juice, fruit, veg, egg. I think it was great for me. The thing I want to commend you for that I did not try is giving up coffee. I did go down to 1 cup only. This should be great for you. Stay hydrated! 🙂

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