This is why I exercise!

Hi friends!

Let’s make January all about moving our bodies just to fight off the blues, just to bring some happy & positive energy, just because exercising is a great anti-depressant!

If I could I would probably join a support group for all of my so-called “problems”, things that seem to bring a level of stress into my life, wouldn’t you? We all have stress no matter how zen la la we try to be. I try to and most of the time I am but let’s be real…life is stressful, life doesn’t always go according to plan. So why not do something totally free like moving your body to fight off the evil, the struggles, the disappointments, the wrong doers and the plain old negativity in life?

Instead of a mommy support group I walk.

Instead of a 50/50 shared custody support group I run.

Instead of a divorce support group I lift weights.

These are the things that stress me out! Am I a good mom? Am I doing the right things? Is my son going to be ok? Am I ok? Am I crazy? You know…..the usual questions that I know you are wondering too! Ha! (Either about me or about yourself) Ha! Ha!

I just took 5 days off of exercise over Christmas and well let’s just say it wasn’t so jolly for my mind! I am happier when I move my body! I got to the gym Monday finally and already my mind is less stressed. Mentally, I am all better!

Do you want to know the best part?

You can exercise at home, you can work out while you are away on vacation, anywhere or anytime. In the middle of the day at work, with your kids, with your hubby, with your friends… get it. Exercising of all kinds releases endorphins-the same “happy” that taking “happy pills” does for you. So get moving and you will feel great! You don’t need any equipment. You just need you.

I urge you to just start exercising to be happy, to not worry, to calm down and to feel good.

This is why you should exercise, I believe, above all else! Happy New Year! x0-A

food and exercise

one workout away



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