Grocery Store Essentials


grocery store essentialsThis is it! This is the essential list (as simple as I could make it). Every time I go to the store this is what I am buying. Every time. If I am out of one of these I replace it. 90% of what goes in my mouth and what should go in my mouth comes from this list. I am not perfect and I eat what I want here and there but guess what for the most part this is what I want. This is what I CRAVE!! If you look at most of my recipes or Facebook posts you will see these foods. This is what we should be eating.

Let’s talk about timing and options:

Breakfast-pick a good fat, protein, carb and veggie or fruit. THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! 

Eggs with cheese and veggies with oatmeal

Lean meat (pork tenderloin, turkey or chicken) with sweet potato and berries

Oatmeal with protein powder, cinnamon and flax or chia seeds

Veggies with hard boiled eggs and toast

Sweet potatoes, avocados and eggs

Smoothies-made from veggies/ fruit/seeds/protein powder/milk/oats

Snack-pick a carb and protein to eat together

Apple with Greek yogurt or almonds

Nuts with fruit

Hard boiled eggs with veggies

Greek yogurt with berries

Veggies with hummus

Granola bars or bites-homemade

Lunch- pick a carb, protein, good fat and veggie


Sweet potatoes



Lean meats/fish


Snack-pick a fruit or veggie and protein






Greek yogurt/cottage cheese

Nuts/nut butter

Dinner-pick a carb, protein, good fat and veggie

Whole grain pasta


Salad/Veggies-homemade dressing out of the oil and citrus!

Lean meats/fish



Snack-pick a protein and fruit




Immediately After workout-Protein powder shake

All day- hot or cold lemon water, tea, coffee (no sugar or additives)

Serving and portion control are key-you are eating 6 times a day so your portions are going to be smaller but they will still be filling. You will be eating every 2.5 to 3 hours. Never ignore your hunger you will just end up binging. Feed your body throughout the day with whole foods not 100 calorie packs of anything, not 100 calorie soups or bowls of Special K. That is not the answer!  Boxed, frozen easy meals are not the answer. Keep it simple with these foods. The answer is, “what can you enjoy and sustain and maintain for the rest of your life?”

That list, up there that I gave you, is maintainable and delicious!

Meal planning and a little prep on Sundays goes a LONG way!!! This list gives you tons of variations and options! Make each meal and each snack balanced. (An apple and some almonds or some chicken and a sweet potato) What I mean by that is ensure that you get a substantial amount of protein and a good carb along with a veggie and good fat like nuts/seeds or oil at each meal.

This is your life and your health that we are talking about! This is your daily, man I feel great, wow I have so much energy how to! This will help you if you commit to it! I really hope you do! This is not a quick, drastic new year new you, trick. This is a list that should be fulfilled weekly so that you can stay on track forever. You will learn to LOVE these foods. You just have to stop the processed junk and get your taste buds used to the real stuff!!! Wishing you the best!!



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