Be the “weird one”.

Hello friends!!! So this morning I was thinking back to a memory I had at my parents house around age 16 or so. I have an Aunt and Uncle who had always been to us a little “hippie” and little “la la”. They were always eating foods that were “weird”, always very active and doing “weird” stuff, like all the time!! We were having a “cookout” one summer and I can remember, like it was yesterday, it being time to eat and on the menu: hamburgers on white buns, potato salad, pop, chips…you know very typical “cookout” food! My Aunt and Uncle said they were not hungry and instead were doing handstands, headstands and deep breathing yoga-like “weird” things in the yard. So, let me repeat that…no burgers, no potato salad and no pop…just handstands and deep breathing in their bare feet in the grass. (and totally loving life by the way while doing so)

Ummmm, “weird”? Right? Or is it? Is it weird and strange, wrong and silly to not want to eat those foods or drink those drinks that make you feel foggy and unclear, bloated and puffy, confused and lazy? Is it bad to do cartwheels and headstands outside as an adult?? Shouldn’t we consider this the right thing to do? Eating real food and moving our bodies? Taking deep breaths? Which makes you feel better do you think? Yet we chose to do the opposite because that is just “what we do”, that is what our parents did, that is what everyone else does. Unfortunately, the truth is the yoga like deep breathers, the non “cookout food” eaters are the minority, the “weird ones”.

We must reverse this! We must make the cool thing to do, the right thing to do, the HEALTHY thing to do to be feeding our bodies MACRO and MICRO nutrients, (COMPLEX CARBS, LEAN PROTEINS, GOOD FATS, WATER, FRUITS AND VEGGIES) Whole, real foods that come from the ground, from animals and from trees! Foods that have seen the light of day from the actual sun!  Foods that make you feel amazing, full of energy and life! If this is “weird” then I want to be the Queen of WEIRD!! Who is with me??

A week ago I got The Body Book pictured below and I am loving it! I think it is a GREAT overview of what your body is, why you need to give it what it needs, exactly what it needs, how to strengthen it, etc. Great book. Simple and easy to understand. Check it out! In the book she talks about loving quinoa pasta so I bought some today and can’t wait to try it! So weird!! xo-A

weird one post


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