20 minute morning sweat

Sweating in the morning sets the tone for an awesome day! Try this at home before you shower and feel great and energized before you even leave the house or before you start your day “at home”! My son (almost 5) and I turned up the music this morning and did this together. He made up his own moves and danced around 80% of the time but he was moving and we were laughing and I was sweating!!! He said, “I see tears mommy”, that was sweat running down from my forehead! Try it with no breaks if you can! I used 20 lb dumbbells so I did as many reps as I could (which was about 6 to 8 of each b/c that is heavy for me) Release those endorphins in the morning! Feels great!! xo-A

20 min morning sweat


Pesto, Tuna & Ricotta Pita Pizza

pesto tuna ricotta pita pizza

What you will need:

5 oz. can of tuna

1/2 cup part skim ricotta cheese (could sub with plain Greek yogurt)

1 tsp pesto

1/2 tsp basil

1 tsp ground blk pepper

2 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp olive oil

1 cup total chopped cucumber and tomato

2 pita breads

What to do:

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

2. Mix ricotta cheese, tuna, lemon juice, olive oil, pesto, pepper and basil together in small bowl

3. Place pitas on baking pan in oven for about 7 to 10 min or until slightly crispy/toasted

4. Spread tuna mixture on warm pita and top with tomato and cucumber

5. Cut into slices and enjoy!

Makes 2 “pizzas” or 2 servings

6 Awesome Reasons to LOVE Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Reason #1. Put it on your face! Mix a touch of it with your favorite gentle face scrub/soap and use as a nightly routine when washing the day off your face!

Reason #2. Cook with it! http://authoritynutrition.com/why-is-coconut-oil-good-for-you/

Reason #3. Use it as a hair conditioner! Wet hair and then comb through a little bit of the oil and let sit for mins or hours if you can then gently wash out. Concentrate on the ends of the hair even after it is dry for some extra love on those ends!

Reason #4. Use as a cuticle cream. Rub into nail and cuticle for super soft finger tips!

Reason #5. Put it in your smoothie! Add a tsp. into your smoothie for the same reasons as #2!

Reason #6. Oil pulling to clean your mouth/teeth! http://authoritynutrition.com/oil-pulling-coconut-oil/

I have tried all of these except for number 6….which I am going to do tonight!

I love Coconut Oil! Hope this post helped you to see its simple everyday/weekly natural and healthy benefits!!


Shrimp & Tuna Casserole

shrimp and tuna casserole

A twist on tuna casserole-I added shrimp….and bacon….

1 5 oz can of tuna-I used white albacore

1 cup cooked shrimp:

cook for 5 min using a touch of butter, garlic and oregano in a small skillet

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt

1/4 cup sour cream

1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese-buy a brick of cheese and shred it yourself (this is a must-already shredded and sticks of cheese have yucky fake additives)

1/4 cup chopped onion-I used Spanish

1/4 cup chopped red pepper

1/2 cup crushed tomatoes

2 cups cooked whole grain, quinoa and or brown rice pasta noodles

In a mixing bowl add all above ingredients then add the following seasonings:

Basil, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, red pepper flakes (amounts to your liking)

Pour into casserole dish and bake at 350 for 35 min

Optional and not as healthy disclaimer 🙂 ….If you want to add 2 strips of crumbled cooked bacon, and or chopped hot peppers and or Panko breadcrumbs to top of casserole during last 10 min of cooking please do so.

***I tried to keep this on the healthier end by not adding a lot cheese, milk, yogurt or sour cream so it will be a bit drier than your mama’s typical casserole but still yummy and MOST importantly better for you.

***Also, because my son was eating it to I left a third without bacon and peppers-that was his side (if you can tell from the picture)

shrimp and tuna 1 shrimp and tuna 2 shrimp and tuna 3 shrimp and tuna 4






Tropical Green Smoothie

tropical green smoothie

What you will need:

heaping handful of spinach leaves (I keep a bag in the freezer)

juice of one lemon

a few of the following: dark cherries, peaches, watermelon and pineapple

TBSP flaxseed

1/2 c unsweetened  almond milk

Blend until smooth

Bounce around with energy!




White Bean & White Tuna Salad

White bean and white tuna salad

Ok, this is a GREAT recipe!!! So simple and so quick! You have to try! Very high in protein!

What you will need:

4 oz can White Albacore Tuna

7 oz can white beans-rinsed (any kind of white bean)

Chopped tomato, cucumber and onion about 1 cup total of all combined (don’t think too hard here-just add some!)

Top with fresh lemon juice, dash of salt, pepper and TBSP olive oil-mix together

Done-now eat it up!

Makes about 3 servings-scoop over lettuce or eat plain as is



Start a LOVE affair with HEALTH this month!


start a love affair

Hello friends!! I am inviting you to get on board the health train! The vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants filled, colorful and energetic health train! I am in total LOVE with fruits and veggies! I cannot imagine my life without them! They are the perfect quick on the go snack, they are fresh and clean, bright and delicious! They help me use my imagination to cook delicious meals too! I am a very visual person and like to make pretty things to eat.

You are what you eat…. remember that saying?! Did you know that every 35 days your skin replenished itself? Your liver, every month? These new cells are made from what you eat so you literally are what you eat! If for no other reason than that…eat your fruits and eat your veggies!!

I came up with a fun little game for myself for February, maybe because I am a mom and like to do things like this with my son, but if you want you can play along or try it with your own children too!

So in an effort to get you to eat more fruits and veggies and try new ones here is how you play:

Every day you get a total score for yourself:

Every serving of fruit is 2 points!

Every serving of a veggie is 3 points!

Every new fruit or veggie you try gives you a bonus point too!

Every time you blend or juice those babies you get another bonus point!

So for example already today I have 10 points:

Blended (1) spinach (3), half a banana (2), frozen watermelon (2) and peaches (2)!

I am giving bonus points for blending or juicing because that gives you more of an opportunity to add flax or chia seeds or other healthy add-ins that are essential in a balanced diet too!


It is a great thing to try new foods! In order to change you must open your mind! Too many times while talking to friends, family or clients I hear them say, “I don’t like that”. Well, I say try again and keep trying until you do like it, like it because it is good for your body! Try a little harder to leave your comfort zone. Great things happen outside of your comfort zone! It is especially good for you to get your kids at a young age to try new foods, they say you should try 10 times before they may see that they like it so same goes for you! Keep trying! The benefits are HUGE!! Good luck with your new love affair and please let me know if you have decided to play along with the points game! Reward yourself with a new outfit at the end of the month or a new swim suit at the beginning of the summer if you reach your goal!

My daily goal is 20 points. What’s yours??