Start a LOVE affair with HEALTH this month!


start a love affair

Hello friends!! I am inviting you to get on board the health train! The vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants filled, colorful and energetic health train! I am in total LOVE with fruits and veggies! I cannot imagine my life without them! They are the perfect quick on the go snack, they are fresh and clean, bright and delicious! They help me use my imagination to cook delicious meals too! I am a very visual person and like to make pretty things to eat.

You are what you eat…. remember that saying?! Did you know that every 35 days your skin replenished itself? Your liver, every month? These new cells are made from what you eat so you literally are what you eat! If for no other reason than that…eat your fruits and eat your veggies!!

I came up with a fun little game for myself for February, maybe because I am a mom and like to do things like this with my son, but if you want you can play along or try it with your own children too!

So in an effort to get you to eat more fruits and veggies and try new ones here is how you play:

Every day you get a total score for yourself:

Every serving of fruit is 2 points!

Every serving of a veggie is 3 points!

Every new fruit or veggie you try gives you a bonus point too!

Every time you blend or juice those babies you get another bonus point!

So for example already today I have 10 points:

Blended (1) spinach (3), half a banana (2), frozen watermelon (2) and peaches (2)!

I am giving bonus points for blending or juicing because that gives you more of an opportunity to add flax or chia seeds or other healthy add-ins that are essential in a balanced diet too!


It is a great thing to try new foods! In order to change you must open your mind! Too many times while talking to friends, family or clients I hear them say, “I don’t like that”. Well, I say try again and keep trying until you do like it, like it because it is good for your body! Try a little harder to leave your comfort zone. Great things happen outside of your comfort zone! It is especially good for you to get your kids at a young age to try new foods, they say you should try 10 times before they may see that they like it so same goes for you! Keep trying! The benefits are HUGE!! Good luck with your new love affair and please let me know if you have decided to play along with the points game! Reward yourself with a new outfit at the end of the month or a new swim suit at the beginning of the summer if you reach your goal!

My daily goal is 20 points. What’s yours??





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