6 Awesome Reasons to LOVE Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Reason #1. Put it on your face! Mix a touch of it with your favorite gentle face scrub/soap and use as a nightly routine when washing the day off your face!

Reason #2. Cook with it! http://authoritynutrition.com/why-is-coconut-oil-good-for-you/

Reason #3. Use it as a hair conditioner! Wet hair and then comb through a little bit of the oil and let sit for mins or hours if you can then gently wash out. Concentrate on the ends of the hair even after it is dry for some extra love on those ends!

Reason #4. Use as a cuticle cream. Rub into nail and cuticle for super soft finger tips!

Reason #5. Put it in your smoothie! Add a tsp. into your smoothie for the same reasons as #2!

Reason #6. Oil pulling to clean your mouth/teeth! http://authoritynutrition.com/oil-pulling-coconut-oil/

I have tried all of these except for number 6….which I am going to do tonight!

I love Coconut Oil! Hope this post helped you to see its simple everyday/weekly natural and healthy benefits!!


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