20 minute morning sweat

Sweating in the morning sets the tone for an awesome day! Try this at home before you shower and feel great and energized before you even leave the house or before you start your day “at home”! My son (almost 5) and I turned up the music this morning and did this together. He made up his own moves and danced around 80% of the time but he was moving and we were laughing and I was sweating!!! He said, “I see tears mommy”, that was sweat running down from my forehead! Try it with no breaks if you can! I used 20 lb dumbbells so I did as many reps as I could (which was about 6 to 8 of each b/c that is heavy for me) Release those endorphins in the morning! Feels great!! xo-A

20 min morning sweat


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