Count Blessings Not Calories! & an Origami Owl Giveaway!

Hi all! So, I did it! I ran 10 miles today in preparation for my half marathon training!! Feels so good to be able to say that! As I ran today though thoughts were racing through my mind!!

First, too many folks are under the impression that they need to count or stay under a certain # of calories….I say count your blessings, not your calories! The body needs different foods at different times and it needs nutrient dense calories not just “calories”. I do not count calories. I eat and I move my body and I repeat that all week long, week after week. It would not serve me to just count to a number and stay under that. My body (and yours) is much more complicated than that!

You have to match your nutrition with your goals! Therefore, a number of x amount of calories is not going to give you the body you want everyday. Some days you are more hungry than others and your body needs you to respond to that. Some days you run 10 miles and some days you don’t…get it? Days are different and needs are different! Timing of those nutrients are different!

You cannot eat cookies and donuts and get the same results as you would eating the same amount of calories as you would eating rice, chicken, avocado and salsa. It doesn’t work that way. You can not tell your body to burn off the donut but keep the chicken you ate. There are consequences for everything that goes into your body even if you go run miles after eating/drinking it. It all plays a role in your body composition so chose your calories wisely. Treat yourself. Eat when you are hungry. Be aware of what you are eating. Eat balanced whole meals and snacks. Move your body in a way that makes you happy.  That is how you get what you want. Most importantly? Smile, live, be awake and just be a mover and a shaker full of energy…your body will respond in amazing ways!!

Ok, next the GIVEAWAY!! I am a “designer” for Origami Owl jewelry and I really love their products!! Particularly, the Tagged collection: Here is the link:

Today during my run I found myself saying to myself, “I am”……I am fearless. I am strong. I am blessed. I am enough. I am awesome. I am smart. I am powerful. I am nice. I am proud. I am fit. I am great. I am helpful. I am healthy. I am disciplined. and so on…this went on for a while as I was on the treadmill for almost 2 hours!!

The Tagged collection is so inspiring and with combos like, “I am Enough”, “I am Beautiful”, “Be Fearless” and “Find joy in the journey”….how can you not wear them walking around happy, secure and proud??

origami owl giveaway april 2014

Rules for Giveaway:

1.Like my Facebook page (link is on the side bar on the blog) click on it!

2.Share my page on your page

3.Like the Post and comment which tagged combo you want and what it means to you.

4.Make sure you do this by Saturday, April 5th

***A winner will be picked on Sunday, April 6th

They will receive a chain and the two tags they commented they wanted

The full link to my Tagged collection on the Origami Owl site is here: (you can also order from that site anytime and it will be delivered right to your house!)

Browse the Tagged collection and (follow the rules above) comment on the FB post with the link to the Blog post “Count Blessings not Calories! & an Origami Owl Giveaway!”

And remember…..

count blessings not calories




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