Flavored Water

strawberry basil lemon rose water


Summer is coming!! Spring is here! Time for flavored water at home!

This “Rose water” version has:

1 sliced lemon

5 frozen strawberries

2 basil leaves

1 rosemary sprig

I keep it in the fridge (refilling with water as needed) for 3 days and then I replenish the fruit and herbs.

Other combos I have tried:

1 cup sliced cucumber

1 lemon

Fresh Mint leaves






I keep these fresh herbs around so I always have them available! (only $2.99 each) Adding natural flavor is the best way to go! It will also help you drink more water if you are one that is unlikely to drink plain water!!


It is recommended that you drink at least half of your own body weight at a minimum and even more if you are an active person (i.e. sweating, running, lifting, physical activity) I drink easily 80 to 90 oz a day, more if I am working out. I weigh 128 lbs. Water is life and your body needs it to function!





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