My Half Marathon Recap

marathon recap


This too shall pass…..truth——->>>>> Marathons are hard, half marathons are hard, 10 k, 5 k, 1 mile….all hard!! We all start at the beginning. It is all uphill from where we start. The beauty is in the training and then in that day of the real challenge. I did better than I thought I would that day time wise but I still struggled. It was still HARD. The challenge is overwhelming at times and yes there were times I wanted to stop but when you get that rush at the end to just go and do your best there is nothing like it!!

I finished this year’s half in 2:16 and last year in 2:32 (I think, I can’t even remember the exact time but that sounds right) I definitely did better!! I ran the first 6 miles with my friend and on the West End bridge she sprinted ahead and I was faced with the rest of the course all alone. I started to freak but held it together and finished strong! I walked through and drank through the drink stations. I grabbed a powerbar at mile 11, I believe, and took a few bites which I think helped. I was definitely starting to feel lonely out there even though there were other runners I still got pretty crazy when left alone with my own thoughts. The last mile and a half I truly gave it all I had and fought like heck to finish as fast as I could!!! It was awesome!

At the race expo 2 days before I got a Reiki healing which was awesome b/c my neck hurt but not after AND I found out I have awesome energy! The woman let me pick a rock out of her basket. I picked the rock that said “Hope” of course because that is my girl that I run for!! I ran with that rock in my belt pack for extra inspiration and it truly helped!  I also got to write her name on the big board at the expo. The expo was fun and I am glad I went! I even got to see some of my old GNC friends there!

I knew when the race was over Tim and Max would be waiting for me at home and I was so excited to see them. They got me flowers, bath salts and made me cards! Big hugs and proudness all around. I took a break from running more than a track lap or two at a time until this morning I did run four miles and walk one. I needed a break but like I said before I don’t totally want to stop running. I want to be an active runner and plan on doing around 5 at least once a week and a 2 miler once a week also. I want to run, do yoga and lift so that is what I will do!

I want you guys to know that running is possible. It can happen if you just start somewhere. It does get easier to go further and longer but you must enjoy the challenge. You must know that it, the pain, struggle and panic will pass and you will be SO proud once you complete and reach goals or do races. Yay, delayed gratification is the best!! Ha!

Until the next race, TBD-if my bladder can handle it….!! Oh ya, forgot to mention my bladder has no control while pounding on the streets of the burg! And for that I apologize.

xo, A




7 thoughts on “My Half Marathon Recap

  1. Been waiting to hear details on this. Your honesty and how you disclose your inner-self to all of us is comforting and uplifting (not to mention the open book humor you share – too funny). Proud of you! ❤

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