Meaty Dragon Bowl

dragon bowl


This may make you feel amazing!!!

Dragon bowls are meant to take what you have on hand and create a complete balanced one bowl meal that will leave you completely satisfied!! Traditionally, they do not contain meat but I went ahead and added some!! I hope that doesn’t upset the inventor of the Dragon bowl! I mean well!

What I used:

Chopped Sweet potato-2 cups

Black beans-3/4 cup

Ground turkey-6 oz.

Yellow bell pepper-1/2 cup

Mango-1/2 cup

Red onion-1/4 cup

Tomatoes-1/2 cup

Avocado-1/2 cup

Goat cheese-3 tbsp

Baby lettuces: swiss chard, spinach and kale-2 cups

Lime juice-2 tbsp

Seasonings: garlic powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, basil and ground black pepper

1. Cook Ground Turkey(or your choice of meat or fish) with seasonings listed above. You can also use egg to get more protein if you don’t use meat!

2. Cook grain/carb

3. In large skillet (med heat) add cooked meat and carb to the raw beans, peppers, onions, mango and heat together for 5 min. (no oil needed)

4. Place lettuce in bottom of bowl and top with heated mixture

5. Add tomatoes, avocados and cheese, top with lime juice.

Makes 3 servings!

Use your imagination! Use what you have on hand! Try and get as many superfoods in that bowl as you can!!

You may store leftovers but just keep the warm portion separate from the cold. You want the sensation of eating the warm topped with the cool (lettuce, avocado, cheese and tomatoes in this case) When ready to eat heat the skillet mixture and then top with other ingredients.

Right now I have Tupperware containers filled with (separately) mango, tomatoes, the extra black beans from the can, avocado and goat cheese.

Tomorrow I will make these again using the re-heated leftovers and will top with cold ingredients right before I eat it. I will also line the bottom of my bowl with the baby lettuce mixture first.


xoxoxo, A