Dried fruit & seed/nut mix

nut seed fruit mix

Today I did lots of food prep at home for the week including these seed/nut & dried fruit mixes.

I was semi-obsessed with this certain gelato for the past few months and I kept all of the containers knowing I wanted to do something with them! Last week I made chia seed pudding and used them for that to store individual servings in. I am trying to fill them with anything but the gelato!

This week I wanted to make sure I had snacks for on the go or something healthy to grab at home. So I bought a bag of cashews, a bag of almonds and a bag of dried apricots.

I had at home already a bag of peanuts, sunflower seeds and dates.

To make this mix I used:

1/3 cup almonds (raw no salt added)

1/3 cup cashews (with sea salt)

1/3 cup peanuts (plain no salt added)

3 dried apricots quartered

2 dates quartered


2 tbsp sunflower seeds (plain no salt added)

I made 3 containers today. When I run out I will make a new batch with different ingredients and I love that  it is a great use of my gelato containers! I may even give a container to each one of my clients this week just as an unexpected thank you!

I hope you do this at home and grab a lid full as a healthy snack!! The lid is the perfect serving size-about 1/4 cup!




One thought on “Dried fruit & seed/nut mix

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