Workout Tracker

Make a Workout Tracker Calendar-it will really help you plan and see what you have accomplished! I am using mine mostly to make sure I hit all of my muscle groups separately and give enough time for them to rest in between the next workout focused on that same group. My goal is to add the Jan Challenge (see pic below) to my workouts broken into the following categories:

Legs and Shoulders

Biceps and Back

Legs and core


Total body

Chest and Triceps


I will record them on this calendar each month and make sure I do 5 workouts per week either at home or at the gym. They do not have to be long. 25 min and intense will burn just fine! Also, think about variety! Run, Spin, Strength train, yoga… them all in!

I also added a reminder of why I workout…..the benefits of it:

Good mood, more energy, clothes fit, less stress, strong body and sleep better to name a few!

jan 2015 calendar (2)

jan 2015 superhero challenge

db kb workout

Shoulder and Leg Workout that I did this am at home with KB and DB:

Dips x15

Wall Sit x 35 sec

Leg Lifts x15

KB Swings x 10lbs x 20

DB Deadlifts x 20lbs x 15

Push ups x 10

Plank rotations x 10

DB Shoulder Press x 10 lbs x 15

Squat with KB rows x 15lbs x 15

1 min forearm plank

One arm KB swings x 10lbs x 10 each arm

DB Deadlifts x 20lbs x 20

Leg lifts x 15

Wall sit x 35 sec

DB shoulder press x 10lbs x 15

KB swings x 15lbs x 15

Dips x 10

Push ups x 10

Plank rotations x 10

Squat with KB row x 15lbs x 20


Take the time to track your workouts-not for calories burned (notice I never mention tracking calories burned b/c it doesn’t matter) You simply want to train your body to be strong and eat nutritious foods. Calories in/ calories out method is not a good way to look at being healthy! What you eat matters. Not all calories are created equal 😉





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