Money $aving food $hopping tip$

money saving shopping tips

I tried to put together a short list that will help guide you when you are in the grocery store. I want to help you save money and make healthier choices as much as I can!

1. Check your current on hand foods in the fridge/pantry and build your meals off of that. Have a plan and a list-do not just go in there and hope for the best. I repeat-do not just go in there unprepared!! Disaster waiting to happen.

2. Stick to the outer aisles-that is where the healthiest foods are found. When buying ground meats also think what veggies you can chop and cook with them to make them bulkier and healthier. You will need less meat that way and get more nutrition. (think mushrooms/onions/tomatoes/peppers with ground beef or ground turkey) p.s did you know meat is more of an accent in meals, not the main dish, in almost all other countries!? Something to consider! Bulk up in the produce section 😉

3. You must avoid as much processed foods as you can….cookies, crackers, instant oatmeal’s, sauces and canned soups,  etc….all processed and loaded with the stuff we don’t want. All located in the center of the store usually.

4. Only buy what you really need-have a list and stick to it. You Need way less than what you Want. Do not go to the store hungry you will want everything you see and it won’t be pretty at the checkout.

5. Use coupons when you can and try to gravitate to the brands that are on sale that week. Careful with coupons though as a lot of processed foods get shown in the weekly ads but remember we don’t want those even if we can save $ on them.

6. This one is a tough one. You must start to lay down the law with the rest of your family members as hard as that is. They will ask I am sure for the bad stuff but if you don’t buy it they won’t eat it. Think of and find healthier options that will appeal to them. The less crap you buy the healthier everyone will be and there will in turn be more money in your wallet.

I hope this helps as a general guide or at least gets you started saving some $$$ and eating a bit healthier.

xo, A


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