My body is changing! What I’ve learned in the past 6 months and 13 pounds.

i love my body now

Hello all! This post is about what my body has been experiencing the past 6 months. I am about to turn 35 in the middle of this month and about 6 months ago I noticed some huge changes occurring. In one month from Sept to Oct, I gained 13 pounds. I don’t know why. Was it because I stopped taking the birth control pill after so many years (since age 15 or 16), because I stopped running as much, because my 34 yr old hormones were changing, because I was drinking too many IPA beers? What was it exactly? Was it my thyroid? Was it the fact that I started staying home more with my son because he starting 1/2 day kindergarten and my schedule changed?

I wanted to write this because I know it will help a lot of you that might be going through the same thing. After being frustrated and not feeling well at all about myself and after the holidays passed and the new year started I wanted to really sit down and figure this out so that I could “fix” it and get back to my regular awesome self! Well, Jan and Feb passed and I still had those pounds and still felt sick and not well, not motivated even though I was still working out. I was meal planning and prepping and following all of the rules and I still had those pounds and was getting bloated like crazy. Was it my period regulating itself during life after the pill? Was it what I was eating or how I was exercising? I was eating ALL of the healthy foods, like all of them! Spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, turkey, eggs, almonds, fruits and no bagels, no white pasta or bread, minimal processed foods, some treats and some alcohol. So what was the issue?? WHY did I just gain 13 pounds out of nowhere in one month?? (not over 6 months-all of them in one month)

I was BODY SHAMING like crazy, feeling fat, feeling ugly, obsessing over what I was eating and making sure it was enough and “healthy”…..I was driving myself CRAZY!!! In Feb I met with a friend and she told me about this book called the Plan and I took it home and read it over. I started making some changes. It called for a cleanse of 3 days and then an experimental 20 or so days where you eat clean but you introduce foods to see if your body reacts to them. I didn’t follow these steps exactly I just adapted some of her ideas and suggestions. The book is all about just that-finding out what “healthy” foods are your “healthy or clean” foods. So just because we hear that kale and ground turkey, etc is healthy doesn’t mean your body agrees with them. She makes you feel that red wine and dark chocolate are good for you so you don’t have the guilt when eating or drinking those things. Foods can inflame your body pretty bad is what I took away from this book. It taught me to pay even closer attention to how I felt after eating everything that I ate. So, maybe what I thought was good for me was actually bad for ME. EVEN THE HEALTHY FOODS. I bought her cookbook and I have been using it for the past 6 weeks and I love it. I feel a lot better overall–even though the scale has only changed by 4 pounds.

Changes I’ve made since then and how I am okay with being 135 lbs now instead of 126 lbs like I was 6 months ago: 

>>I take Norwegian sea kelp, B12 complex and Flora supplements daily

>>I drink a detox warm tea daily (Yogi brand)

>>I Don’t obsess over “healthy” foods, I eat whatever makes me feel good after and gives me energy

>>I stopped body shaming myself, when I let my mind let go of those pounds I swear I dropped and kept off 4 of them-for me this was hard as I have been doing it since I was a little girl in second grade. My weight has been up and down and all around since then and now as I turn 35 I finally feel good in my body enough to let that all go and just be me, not a #

>>I started seeing myself as others do and listened to them when they told me I was beautiful and believing it 🙂

>>I realized that if I ate out I was definitely going to weigh more the next day (salt retention) and that felt good at least knowing why I weighed more-the panic was no longer there

>>I introduced more rice, chicken, carrots, turmeric, sunflower seeds and sunflower butter into my diet. Also lots more avocados, coconut milk and less almonds, eggs and ground turkey-the severe bloating stopped-everything regulated even though I still have 9 of those 13 pounds it may come off eventually or it may not and that’s ok

>>I started drinking only half my body weight and not more in water (including coffee and tea)-too much will make you weigh more and not enough will also make you weigh more

>>I realized that even walking and stretching everyday is enough. There is no perfect….you have to find what works for you in all situations-everyone is different not one size fits all

I started being okay with the BALANCE of it all and the fact that maybe my body is just changing.  When I weighed as low as 109 pounds 4 years ago I wasn’t balanced and when I weighed 118 pounds 3 years ago I also wasn’t truly happy or balanced…I realize now that I can weigh whatever number and as long as I am living a healthy, balanced happy life where I get to be a super mom, a nice friend, a generous girlfriend, a good sister, a loving daughter and strong woman….that is what matters. Obsessing over getting it all right and getting a totally flat tummy, the perfect figure and eating the cleanest foods isn’t going to make you happy and it definitely didn’t make me happy-IT MADE ME OBSESSED!! They are just numbers. Do not beat yourself up over them but do pay attention to your body and how it feels.

For me it’s just time to refocus and do things that make me feel good like helping others, moving my body and having fun with family and friends.

When your mind is happy your body will be too so I am taking the time to figure out what works for me now as my body is changing and I want you to stop OBSESSING too! You may not even realize you are doing it but if you are like me then just take a step back and look at the big picture. Your weight shouldn’t be the first thing you think of.




2 thoughts on “My body is changing! What I’ve learned in the past 6 months and 13 pounds.

  1. You certainly do write extremely well. I think you should write a book. You are very talented. Putting on weight is real easy as you age. Sometimes I think you need cut back on everything in order to maintain your weight. Anyway, you have an answer to that and are able to work through it. Good Luck and take care.


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