Body Balance Ball Workout

bbb workout

Hello! As you may have seen on my Facebook page I got a new piece of fitness equipment to use at home this week!

I have been using it everyday since Sunday and I am loving it! It is a body balance ball (half ball/half flat) and you can do so may things with it!

Today I wanted to share the workout I did with you! This is core focused but will work your entire body! Quick, hard, effective….just what you need.

Supermans-lying on your stomach on the ball and lifting your legs and arms straight out and holding for 10 to 30 seconds (do what you can) x 3

Bridges-lying on the ground with your feet on the ball and lifting your butt up off the ground as high as you can while squeezing your glutes (the muscles in your butt) and your core for 30 reps up and down x 3

One arm push ups-one hand on the ball and one on the ground-perform a push up, full or on your knees, 10 on each side x 3

Squats-stand on the ball and perform a squat with your arms behind your head or holding them straight out 30 reps x 3

Planks-flip the balance ball over and use the flat side to hold a plank for 45 sec to 1 min x 3

Side leg lifts-lying on your side balance yourself on the ball and lift your bottom leg holding it straight up off the ground while you lift the top leg up and down performing 15 on each side x 3

***with all of my workouts do what you can as far as the reps and rounds go. I am more advanced but if you are a beginner just start slower doing less overall and work your way up. It will come easier than you think! Check with your doctor first if you are a beginner!

I followed this workout with a delicious green smoothie made with:

1 handful Kale, 1 heaping tbsp Greek yogurt, 3 tsp Flaxseed, 1 small Apple, 1 scoop Vanilla protein powder, 1/2 c water, 3 to 4 ice cubes-Blend!

Also, I have been drinking water with a cinnamon stick and a 1/4 of an apple sliced up and it is a great break from the norm! Last for 2 days if you keep it in the fridge 🙂

I also had my B complex supplement and my probiotic!

I hope you like this workout and maybe even try the smoothie or the apple cinnamon water!

Have an awesome day!!