Are you ready to change?

the secret of change

I am so glad you found my blog! Now, are you ready? Ready to change into an even more amazing human being? Ready to start new habits and wake up to your full potential? Fitness is more than being a smaller size! It is an attitude of can do, a daily awakening and response to what your body needs for fuel and why it wants to move!

Are you ready for the ugly truth that is going to turn you into a beautiful butterfly? It won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty at times. You will want to give up but you won’t. You will want to go back to your old ways but you won’t. It can be scary to try new things but you will try and you will keep trying until you find the real you. You will learn how to make meal planning and moving your body top priorities just like taking care of your kids and family everyday. You will set daily goals so that you can balance it all! Because I know you can! You will whine and try to make excuses but they will get you nowhere.

It will be hard but once you get your new habits down, practice discipline and make a real, as in for the rest of your life, commitment to a healthy and fit you….you will never look back. You will feel amazing, you will have energy and be able to think clearly. You will dedicate time to bettering your health because you will know that is how you will feel your best. You will not feel guilty for doing that either. Mental and physical well-being will be a crucial part of your life if you are ready to change. Are you ready?

You will love your body and appreciate the fact that it can move and sweat just as much as it can laugh and cry. We were meant to move and we were meant to eat! So change your thinking, change your habits and get ready for the best change you will ever make in your life. The change can happen if you stay focused on the over all goal of health. If you stay off the scale and listen to your body, if you eat whole foods from the Earth, drink delicious water and cut the crap and excuses! It will take time, hard work,  an awesome amount of focus and a ton of discipline.

Are you ready?



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