Project: Admire & Inspire

love notes

Hello all! I am excited about this post! 

I want us all to love one another, especially us ladies! I am challenging you to pick 5 awesome women in your life and show them some admiration and hopefully inspire them to think more of themselves! I want you to flatter them and tell them just what it is that makes them special to you and the rest of the world. Tell them what you admire about them! Lift them up. 

We are all special and we all have something to offer. Some women have helped us personally just by being themselves without even realizing it. Tell them that! There are many ladies in my life looking back whose traits I have admired but in some cases were jealous of. Jealousy is not going to get us their lives. Being jealous is not who we were meant to be. We should be celebrating each other and looking within at ourselves and our own sparkle. 

You cannot create a life based off of wishing you had someone else’s. You have to create your own unique path and life story. Pick ladies that you know may need to hear it and also pick some who you think don’t. You never know who is struggling with self-esteem.

My hope with this is that:

——–>it forces you not to compare your body or life to another woman’s

——–>to celebrate each other and our awesome personalities and beauty

———>to make someone’s day who wasn’t expecting to hear such kind words about themselves

jealousy joy

I hope you enjoy this and have fun! Remember complimenting and giving to others is only going to make you feel better too! 




July 2105 Challenge

july challenge 2015

I put together a great challenge for you to add to your workouts or do alone 3 days a week for the next 3 weeks!

You will perform 2 rounds the first day then 3 the second, then 4 the third day of the week..

Start over on week 2 and then again in week 3. This really gets your heart rate up and challenges your entire body.

Remember consistency is key! If you stop your body will stop progressing and changing! 

Challenge accepted, I hope!

Check in on Facebook if you wish 🙂



March Mental Fitness Bucket Challenge

bucket challenge march 2015

Hi friends!!!

This month I want to challenge us in another way. A way that will work our hearts and our minds. Afterall, one of the biggest things I have learned over the past few years is that feelings and fitness go hand in hand! Keep up with your healthy and balanced eating, exercising your body and getting to know it better and better but if you can really focus on these four things this month I feel strongly that it will help you get mentally strong and stay in control…





I firmly believe you can manage anything with your mind and that is exactly what I need to do today and everyday. A strong mind that knows what it has been through and that can reflect and make sense of those feelings can do anything!

Something awesome happened the other morning when I wrote these four words down in my journal, I filled the entire page up in no time! I had so many thoughts in my heart and in my mind that needed to get out. They came out like a flood! I needed to put them somewhere! So, I put them in these buckets and it really helped!!! I want you to start a journal and every morning or night, or a few times per week, think about what you need to put in these buckets. You don’t have to tell anyone what they are. They are just for you. I will share some examples of mine though with you. If you do this you must be 100% honest with yourself. It feels so good to get the truth out and it will only make you a stronger, less stressed and more present person every single time you do it. Getting to know yourself better is the best!

Gratitude: name 3 things everyday you are thankful for-big or little, doesn’t matter! What are you happy about in your life? Who do you love? Who loves you today? Who can you help? How can you make a difference? What can you do? What makes you happy? For me one of them is most definitely cooking…that is my favorite hobby above all else so I make sure I am able to do this often!

Attitude: write down the ways you are acting. Are you being patient, kind, positive to yourself and others? If not then write down the truth and work on turning those negative behaviors around. It’s a gentle reminder to check your attitude and adjust accordingly daily.

Forgiveness: this is a huge one. Who do you need to forgive? Is it maybe yourself? Guilt has really been a driving factor as to why I came to this conclusion that I needed to do something to uncover the truth and move on. We must forgive others and mostly we all feel guilty for something in our past maybe…for me it’s divorce and Max, my son, having to be split up and shared. I carry a ton of guilt around because of that all day, every single day for over 5 years now. It’s so heavy! If I worry about Max and his feelings and want to place blame I have to put that in my forgiveness bucket and help him from this point, there is no turning back.  Some things are meant to be for sure but they are also hard to forgive and accept and that’s okay as we just need to work through them. Some of us have a past full of mistakes or what I like to now call experiments. There was a time in my life not even that long ago where I made one bad decision after another for almost 2 years and let myself be majorly taken advantage of. I have grown so much since then because I worked at it. I have to let the guilt go and forgive myself. It’s okay. There are no mistakes in life. We do things based on who we are at the time and then hopefully evolve and get closer to our ultimate happy truth. I am there now more than I have ever been because I am aware of my feelings and I process them. This is one way you can start to do that.

Acceptance: this is an even bigger one!! Ahhh, so many things to accept. For me it’s body image/controlling and obsessing over what I am eating. I honestly don’t even know what I truly look like because my view of myself is so blurry from years of my body changing. All the way back from when I was little and in grade school to present day. Feeling perfect, looking perfect, controlling what I eat, what Max eats and stopping myself from getting upset if things are not going perfect according to the “supposed to” ideas out there. From everything on how to raise a child, your love relationship, what we “should all be doing” in every aspect of life. I am really over that actually. Do what works for you and your family. We are all unique! Accept who you are now and who you were then, no matter what your situation is, accept it and chose to be happy and make the most of it now.

I really hope this month of keeping this bucket journal helps you uncover some hidden truths about yourself and maybe what you are covering up or holding onto. Visualize the buckets at different times of the day or when you need them>>>>put your thoughts into them. In the past week I have visualized these buckets around me and if something is bothering me in my mind I drop it into the appropriate bucket. It’s working! Just try forgiving and accepting yourself and others while living in gratitude with an awesome attitude! That is my goal and I really hope this helps you too!!  Wishing you the best always!! xo-Adrienne

Remember, I am just a human sharing my thoughts and ideas with you….not technically qualified to offer such advice 😉

February Kettlebell Challenge

25 kb

It’s time to love your kettlebell and your body!

This month’s challenge will be 9 kettlebell moves divided up into 3 per week for 3 weeks. My biggest wish for you is that you go up in weight on your kettlebell. (within safe reason-I just went up to a 25 lb because I had been hovering around my 10/15/20’s for too long) I am stronger than that and so are you! I just got all comfy and cozy and it was easy and I liked that for a while. It is so easy to get comfortable. But do you know what doesn’t happen when you get comfortable?


Here we go week by week, move by move….

Week #1:

Double arm  tricep extensions

kb 1

Up right row

kb 5

Lunge-see picture but also know that you can hold the kb in on your chest instead of out

kb 3

Week #2:

Swing-grab kb from ground with feet shoulder width apart, thrust the kb from  low to high position until the kb is eye level or straight above your head

Single arm row

kb 4

Chest press w/bridge-lay on back with feet on ground, knees bent, press the kb while thrusting (bridging) up and down with each one.

Week #3:

Abdominal twist

kb 2

Bicep curl in low squat-lower down to low squat if you can (if not stand) and hold that position while you curl the kb with both hands, elbows resting on your inner thighs

Deadlift-stand with knees slightly bent/ loose (feet together or shoulder width apart and lower the kb down to almost touching the ground and slowly stand to upright position (arms stay straight the entire time but elbows are not locked)

>>> Notes:

*You will do as many reps as possible but ideally you should burn out around 12 to 15 reps on each set because that is where the weight of your challenging kettlebell should be. I don’t want you wasting your time on light weights and a million reps. Get right to the point and challenge yourself.

>>>Do the workout 3 days a week at 3 sets or rounds of each of the 3 moves then move on to week 2 then week 3. If you can skip a day between so for example do the workout Mon, Wed, Fri. By the time you are done you can then incorporate these 9 new moves at home or at the gym all the time, yay!

*For a warm up you can definitely run through each move at a lighter weight-that is always a good idea. You always want to warm up somehow by stretching, jumping jacks, non-weighted squats, arm circles….get your blood flowing then tackle the task at hand.

>>>Perform all moves slowly and deliberately. It is not a race. Make each one count.

*You will rest 30 to 60 seconds in-between each set. Have water nearby and make sure you eat a protein/carb/sugar meal after. Example: smoothie, chicken/sweet potato/ grapes, eggs/toast/avocado, Fuel up after your workout 🙂

I hope you enjoy challenging yourself these 3 weeks 🙂 🙂

***please, please, please use this challenge as a reason to push yourself and go heavier on your kettlebell if you can!

xo, A

January 2015 10 Day Superhero Challenge

Happy New Year all! It’s January 1, 2015 and I couldn’t wait to share this month’s challenge with you!

3 moves: Dips, Leg lifts and Wall Sits>>>helping to strengthen your entire body! These will work your core, upper and lower body each day you choose to do them, increasing in reps and time.

I am wishing you all a happy & healthy year!! Look for more monthly challenges to come this year from me! Remember what your mind is focused on will show through your actions. Just make moving your body and eating clean foods your goal. Focus on getting better, stronger, longer, leaner and faster and your body will come into it’s own place of balance and happy. Cheers to 2015!

xo, A

Looking to find your own superhero?? Looking to find some strength? Start here with this challenge. You pick the 10 days. You do it when you can this month. Be your own hero….afterall, no one else can save you….unless you happen to meet Batman, then maybe he can 🙂 jan 2015 superhero challenge