Body Balance Ball Workout

bbb workout

Hello! As you may have seen on my Facebook page I got a new piece of fitness equipment to use at home this week!

I have been using it everyday since Sunday and I am loving it! It is a body balance ball (half ball/half flat) and you can do so may things with it!

Today I wanted to share the workout I did with you! This is core focused but will work your entire body! Quick, hard, effective….just what you need.

Supermans-lying on your stomach on the ball and lifting your legs and arms straight out and holding for 10 to 30 seconds (do what you can) x 3

Bridges-lying on the ground with your feet on the ball and lifting your butt up off the ground as high as you can while squeezing your glutes (the muscles in your butt) and your core for 30 reps up and down x 3

One arm push ups-one hand on the ball and one on the ground-perform a push up, full or on your knees, 10 on each side x 3

Squats-stand on the ball and perform a squat with your arms behind your head or holding them straight out 30 reps x 3

Planks-flip the balance ball over and use the flat side to hold a plank for 45 sec to 1 min x 3

Side leg lifts-lying on your side balance yourself on the ball and lift your bottom leg holding it straight up off the ground while you lift the top leg up and down performing 15 on each side x 3

***with all of my workouts do what you can as far as the reps and rounds go. I am more advanced but if you are a beginner just start slower doing less overall and work your way up. It will come easier than you think! Check with your doctor first if you are a beginner!

I followed this workout with a delicious green smoothie made with:

1 handful Kale, 1 heaping tbsp Greek yogurt, 3 tsp Flaxseed, 1 small Apple, 1 scoop Vanilla protein powder, 1/2 c water, 3 to 4 ice cubes-Blend!

Also, I have been drinking water with a cinnamon stick and a 1/4 of an apple sliced up and it is a great break from the norm! Last for 2 days if you keep it in the fridge 🙂

I also had my B complex supplement and my probiotic!

I hope you like this workout and maybe even try the smoothie or the apple cinnamon water!

Have an awesome day!!











Hotel Workout

hotel workout

Hey guys! Someone asked me recently if I had a good hotel workout she could do because she travels a lot for work and doesn’t always love to go to the hotel gym or it is just too crowded.

I came up with this for her and all of you. I hope you find it helpful! It is definitely travel friendly and the only thing you will need to bring is the will power to do it and a resistance band!

There are 3 different workouts that you can do, one each day or if you have more time you can combine them in any combo that you like. I said to do 3 rounds but if you are pressed for time 2 would do or one round in each category. Keep it handy and play around with it.

Total body:

Dips on chair or bench x 15

Body weight squats x 25

Plank x 1 min

Resistance band bicep curls x 15

Mt. Climbers x 15

Walking lunges (the length of wherever you can find)

Push ups x 15

Calf raises x 20

Repeat 3 rounds and rest when needed

Upper body:

Wall Push ups x 15

Resistance band shoulder press x 12

Forearm plank with alternating one leg up x 30 sec each side

Dips x 15

Resistance band bicep curls x 12

Plank shoulder taps x 20

Repeat 3 rounds and rest when needed

Lower body:

Alternating lunges forward x 12

Alternating lunges backwards x 12

Bridges one leg x 12 each leg (maybe lay on a towel, because ewwww…)

Wall sit x 1 min

Squat jumps x 12 (who cares if the people below you care-you are a stranger to them-but try to land lightly on your feet 🙂

Side lunge x 12 each side

Plie’ squat x 15 (wide leg and toes pointed out)

Repeat 3 rounds and rest when needed

Look how awesome you are….caring about your workout when you travel!!

🙂 🙂 🙂



July 2105 Challenge

july challenge 2015

I put together a great challenge for you to add to your workouts or do alone 3 days a week for the next 3 weeks!

You will perform 2 rounds the first day then 3 the second, then 4 the third day of the week..

Start over on week 2 and then again in week 3. This really gets your heart rate up and challenges your entire body.

Remember consistency is key! If you stop your body will stop progressing and changing! 

Challenge accepted, I hope!

Check in on Facebook if you wish 🙂



Workout Tracker

Make a Workout Tracker Calendar-it will really help you plan and see what you have accomplished! I am using mine mostly to make sure I hit all of my muscle groups separately and give enough time for them to rest in between the next workout focused on that same group. My goal is to add the Jan Challenge (see pic below) to my workouts broken into the following categories:

Legs and Shoulders

Biceps and Back

Legs and core


Total body

Chest and Triceps


I will record them on this calendar each month and make sure I do 5 workouts per week either at home or at the gym. They do not have to be long. 25 min and intense will burn just fine! Also, think about variety! Run, Spin, Strength train, yoga… them all in!

I also added a reminder of why I workout…..the benefits of it:

Good mood, more energy, clothes fit, less stress, strong body and sleep better to name a few!

jan 2015 calendar (2)

jan 2015 superhero challenge

db kb workout

Shoulder and Leg Workout that I did this am at home with KB and DB:

Dips x15

Wall Sit x 35 sec

Leg Lifts x15

KB Swings x 10lbs x 20

DB Deadlifts x 20lbs x 15

Push ups x 10

Plank rotations x 10

DB Shoulder Press x 10 lbs x 15

Squat with KB rows x 15lbs x 15

1 min forearm plank

One arm KB swings x 10lbs x 10 each arm

DB Deadlifts x 20lbs x 20

Leg lifts x 15

Wall sit x 35 sec

DB shoulder press x 10lbs x 15

KB swings x 15lbs x 15

Dips x 10

Push ups x 10

Plank rotations x 10

Squat with KB row x 15lbs x 20


Take the time to track your workouts-not for calories burned (notice I never mention tracking calories burned b/c it doesn’t matter) You simply want to train your body to be strong and eat nutritious foods. Calories in/ calories out method is not a good way to look at being healthy! What you eat matters. Not all calories are created equal 😉




15 Day December Challenge-Squats, Push ups and Planks

Starts today!!! Join me in a little extra movement for the next 15 days! Starts 12/8 and ends Monday 12/22!! You can do this at any fit level! I especially want those of you that think you can’t to definitely do it! Add this onto your existing workouts or just do this for the next 15 days. Your body wants to be moved!! If you can’t do all that is asked at one time (especially as they get harder) break them up in half and do some in the morning and some at night, as long as you get them done by the end of the day you are good!  For example on day 12 you can do 50 squats, 15 push ups and a 1 min plank in the morning. Then, at the end of the night you can finish with a 50 sec plank, 15 more push ups and 50 more squats. Ready, set, go!!!

15 day dec challenge

1 Min Drills Workout

1 min drillsPerform this workout non-stop each move for 1 min with lighter weight DB (dumbbells) and then rest for 1 min before moving onto round 2 and then 3. It should take you a total of 45 min if you do all 3 rounds. Make sure you hydrate and rest if needed if you feel you need to. Remember we are all at different levels so do what you can!!! Getting it in is what matters!!

Have fun!!! xo, A

Total Body Happy Thanksgiving Workout!


It’s Thanksgiving week!! I am so thankful for so much in my life!! Not because I have it all or have the perfect body or a million dollars. I am just thankful for all that I have and all that I don’t. I am thankful for who I am and where I am right now. I am thankful for all that I have learned and all that I still have to learn, I am thankful for my friends & family. I am thankful to just be alive in this beautiful world and that I have a healthy body so that I can even do this workout or any one for that matter-so I will!! I will eat, I will drink and I will enjoy it!! I hope you do too! Remember being thankful for what you have currently will lead to more happiness and more thankfulness down the road!! It’s a lovely cycle that can only start with gratitude! Do this workout anytime this week or several times this week 🙂 !!

1. Plank jack to push up x 10

(start with a plank jack, go down to push up and repeat for 10)

2. Bicep curls x 15 with DB

3. KB swings x 20

4. Overhead triceps ext with KB x 15

5. Thumbs up lateral shoulder raises with DB x 10

6. Squat jumps x 10

7. Squat to shoulder press with DB x 10

8. Front shoulder raise with DB x 10

9. Pike sit ups x 30

Run 3 track laps or 1/2 mile as fast as you can (outside or on treadmill)

***Rest 45 sec in between each exercise/Repeat for 2 to 3 total rounds in 30 to 45 min.

***If you are using light weights you can feel free to do more reps and if you are using heavier weights then you can do less reps and if you are using the “just right weights” then you can do what I said. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Be thankful!!!!

Remember to enjoy your friends, family and food!



Sorry Not Sorry Full body Workout

sorry not sorry workout

Perform 2 to 3 rounds in 30 to 45 min with or without some laps in between each round! You will be out of breath and on fire pretty much the entire time especially if you add in the laps! 

*** Just 2 rounds = 70 squats, 80 Jump Squats & 80 push ups……Sorry 🙂 Not Sorry 🙂 ***

20 Toy soldier squats

8 squat jumps/8 push ups

15 Prison Squats

8 squat jumps/8 push ups

20 Plank jacks

8 squat jumps/8 push ups

15 DB Dead lifts to shoulder press

8 squat jumps/8 push ups

20 KB standing up/downs

8 squat jumps/8 push ups

15 ea side DB triceps kickbacks

>>>Run 2 laps or 1/4 mile/Rest 1 to 2 min/ Repeat for 2 to 3 rounds


The Fast 5 Layered Cake Workout

layered cake wrkout

Hi all!! I am so excited to do this workout tonight! I wanted to share it with you now! It is called the Fast 5 Layered Cake Workout but guess what… it is really 10 moves-5 of them are layered in between the other 5 moves!! Sneaky, I know!

This is how you will perform this workout:

You will do 3 sets of each of the weighted exercises and the hidden 5 are non-weighted that you will do as active rest in between them each set!

Warm up first! I like to do the Dancing Dog as a warm up-this is when you constantly switch from the down dog to up dog positions for 1 min. It will activate your entire body!!

Rest for 1 min in between each # exercise and 30 sec after each layer 🙂

#1. KB Swings x20/ 30 sec high knees layered in between set 1 and 2

#2. DB Shoulder Flyes x12/ 30 sec jumping jacks layered in between sets 1 and 2

#3. Laying down KB in/outs x20/ 30 sec Bridge hold layered in between sets 1 and 2

#4. KB Deadlifts x20/ 30 sec fast jog in place layered in between sets 1 and 2

#5. Push ups x15/ 30 sec Child’s pose layered in between sets 1 and 2

If you are outside or at a gym run 1 mile afterwards just to put some icing on the cake!! Cool down and stretch properly too! This workout should take about 30 to 45 min depending on your fit level.

Get to it!!! Have fun!! Enjoy your cake!! A