Charlotte’s UNICORN 1st Birthday Party

Wow, what a fast year that was! Charlotte turned one and I think I am just now recovering two weeks later! I promised some friends I would share how I made the gummies for her party that I then used to put on the tables as well as gave to the kids who attended in goodie bags. The kid’s ages ranged from 2 to 9 so they were good for them, not for Charlotte. The thing about these gummies though is that they are hit or miss taste-wise as the younger kids loved the gummies and the older kids preferred the chocolates. My son, Max, wanted nothing to do with them-lol, go figure. I made a lot and tried to pawn them off on everyone everywhere we went for a week leading up to her party because I had so many. I even made some in a Lego shape because I had that mold too and the amount of Jell-O and gelatin I used was more than enough to fill my two whimsical molds with the rainbows, shooting stars and unicorns! Her shirt was ordered off of Etsy and her headband from Posh Peanuts.

Here are some unicorn pictures that my good friend took of her on her actual birthday. This was completely DIY and I brought the fake wrapped presents and balloons and then we just went for it, crossed our fingers and got these gems!


Here is a slideshow of her cakes and cookies from a fabulous local bakery here in Bakerstown, called Sweet b’s Sweet Shop…also some rainbow fruit kabobs and decorations as well as my colorful gummies & chocolates! I bought the molds at JoAnn Fabrics. I used a few extra invites that I had to make her unicorn highchair decoration as well as some leftover tule that we bought that my mom used to make her perfectly cute tutu! Giant Eagle for the balloons and all other decorations from Target. Of course, I did the monthly pics for the first year and bought cardstock or scrapbooking paper from JoAnn’s as well. I then took samples of those colors to the bakery and they matched the cakes as close as they could to that for me. They did an amazing job all around!

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unicorn g and c sunday fundayI spent a few Sundays leading up to her party making these in five different colors. I also did a few batches of chocolates too in four different colors! It was fun and they were SUPER cute but man was I over it by the time I did nine batches! Here is what you need and how you do it:

For every color that you want to make you need one box of that flavor/color Jell-O and 6 packets of unflavored gelatin. That is one and a half boxes or 6 oz of the unflavored and 1 package or 3 oz of the flavored which is a standard Jello-O packet. I did strawberry, lime, lemon, blue raspberry and orange. The orange and strawberry were an off-brand from Aldi actually. I also used a squeezable condiment bottle to make it easier to get the mixture into the molds.

unicorn gummies and chocolates

Make sure your molds are clean and dry and spray with a bit of cooking non-stick spray then place them on a cookie sheet to be placed in the fridge to form later

Take one packet of Jell-O and 6 small packets of the unflavored gelatin and 1/2 cup water and stir it together well in a small pot or saucepan

Then over medium heat on the stove whisk it all together continuously until it turns into a pourable liquid

Once it is all liquid (after a few minutes) pour it into a measuring cup with a spout or a squeezable bottle like the one pictured above

Fill each mold carefully and quickly because it will start to solidify rather fast

Once they are filled chill them in the fridge for about an hour or so then pop each out and in my case repeat a million more times….ha ha

Be sure to wash out the pot and container quickly after too! This stuff really does turn into a gummy mold in whatever it sticks too

You can keep them in an airtight container in the fridge or on the counter for about 3 weeks so you can definitely do some ahead of time like I did

I hope this inspires you to make something fun or just to do something out of your comfort zone for your loved ones. That is the main reason I did this for her party. I wanted to follow through and do something special for that day. I didn’t want to take the easy way out and let my anxiety take over and tell me I couldn’t, that I couldn’t handle or didn’t deserve to give Charlotte a cute Pinterest worthy but still budget friendly (if you ask my husband he will say we spent $1,000 but we didn’t)  birthday party. For the first time, I set my mind to it and just did everything that I wanted. I just made it happen and that probably doesn’t make much sense to most of you but for me and others with anxiety, it is sometimes debilitating and stops you from just doing the things you really want to do-like make little rediculous gummies and chocolates in the shapes of unicorns and rainbows. I’ll leave it at that and hope this helps those that think similar to me or how I used to, I suppose.


xo, Adrienne