Grocery Store Essentials


grocery store essentialsThis is it! This is the essential list (as simple as I could make it). Every time I go to the store this is what I am buying. Every time. If I am out of one of these I replace it. 90% of what goes in my mouth and what should go in my mouth comes from this list. I am not perfect and I eat what I want here and there but guess what for the most part this is what I want. This is what I CRAVE!! If you look at most of my recipes or Facebook posts you will see these foods. This is what we should be eating.

Let’s talk about timing and options:

Breakfast-pick a good fat, protein, carb and veggie or fruit. THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! 

Eggs with cheese and veggies with oatmeal

Lean meat (pork tenderloin, turkey or chicken) with sweet potato and berries

Oatmeal with protein powder, cinnamon and flax or chia seeds

Veggies with hard boiled eggs and toast

Sweet potatoes, avocados and eggs

Smoothies-made from veggies/ fruit/seeds/protein powder/milk/oats

Snack-pick a carb and protein to eat together

Apple with Greek yogurt or almonds

Nuts with fruit

Hard boiled eggs with veggies

Greek yogurt with berries

Veggies with hummus

Granola bars or bites-homemade

Lunch- pick a carb, protein, good fat and veggie


Sweet potatoes



Lean meats/fish


Snack-pick a fruit or veggie and protein






Greek yogurt/cottage cheese

Nuts/nut butter

Dinner-pick a carb, protein, good fat and veggie

Whole grain pasta


Salad/Veggies-homemade dressing out of the oil and citrus!

Lean meats/fish



Snack-pick a protein and fruit




Immediately After workout-Protein powder shake

All day- hot or cold lemon water, tea, coffee (no sugar or additives)

Serving and portion control are key-you are eating 6 times a day so your portions are going to be smaller but they will still be filling. You will be eating every 2.5 to 3 hours. Never ignore your hunger you will just end up binging. Feed your body throughout the day with whole foods not 100 calorie packs of anything, not 100 calorie soups or bowls of Special K. That is not the answer!  Boxed, frozen easy meals are not the answer. Keep it simple with these foods. The answer is, “what can you enjoy and sustain and maintain for the rest of your life?”

That list, up there that I gave you, is maintainable and delicious!

Meal planning and a little prep on Sundays goes a LONG way!!! This list gives you tons of variations and options! Make each meal and each snack balanced. (An apple and some almonds or some chicken and a sweet potato) What I mean by that is ensure that you get a substantial amount of protein and a good carb along with a veggie and good fat like nuts/seeds or oil at each meal.

This is your life and your health that we are talking about! This is your daily, man I feel great, wow I have so much energy how to! This will help you if you commit to it! I really hope you do! This is not a quick, drastic new year new you, trick. This is a list that should be fulfilled weekly so that you can stay on track forever. You will learn to LOVE these foods. You just have to stop the processed junk and get your taste buds used to the real stuff!!! Wishing you the best!!



5 Days of Different!

5 days of different

Tomorrow starts 5 Days of eating different for me! I feel like I just need a change! Not a permanent change but just something different in my belly for a good week so today I went shopping. I bought no meat, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes….only fruit, veggies, seeds, nuts and some dairy. (A few other things too and other things on the list below I already had)

Monday through Friday I will only eat/drink the following:

Smoothies-the usual but with coconut milk and green water instead of almond milk


Greek yogurt

Cottage cheese


Peppers, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes

Black beans




Apples and bananas

Grapefruit and oranges

Pepitas and sunflower seeds


Peanut butter

Sweet potato whole grain chips

Rice cakes



Wheat germ, unsweetened coconut flakes and agave nectar

Olive oil

Kale and spinach

Hot herbal tea

Flaxseeds and chia seeds

Protein powder

Tons of water and NO COFFEE! I will be eating an apple instead first thing in the morning.

I spent about 40 min preparing this evening. Cutting, chopping and organizing, thinking and containing but I didn’t prepare every meal because I am just not sure what I will be in the mood for so I will decide then throw it together easily.

Some of this I already eat on a regular basis but I am eliminating meat and some carbs and adding a ton more fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts. I am also adding wheat germ and coconut flakes to smoothies, oatmeal and yogurt/cottage cheese.

I hope it is just what my body needs to feel revived and refreshed as we head into Thanksgiving week next week! In general I would like to eat this way more often so I am testing it out this week to see how I feel with my workouts and getting through life in general. I don’t count calories I just go on how I feel and what I know my body needs after and before working out etc… I want to make sure my energy stays up and I feel good, happy and full!

Do you already eat this way? Do you need a change?? Wish me luck! I have never gone long without eating meat…..!! Actually I have never tried not to eat meat so there…. No meat for 5 days but I am not really thinking of it that way. I am thinking more of what I AM eating instead of what I am not.


Meal Plan


Awesome Like Adrienne Meal Plan

Plain & Simple 6

Breakfast: 3/4 cup plain oatmeal w/ cinnamon with 2 hard-boiled eggs and 1/4 avocado, OR  2 to 3 egg white omelet w/ veggies and cheese w/ 1 pc. plain whole grain toast OR veggie/fruit Smoothie with protein powder and flaxseeds.

Snack: 3/4 c Greek Plain Yogurt or cottage cheese w/ ¼  c fresh berries OR handful of raw almonds with small apple.


Lunch: 3 to 4 oz. grilled chicken breast (or other lean protein source like beans) with half sweet or plain baked potato OR ½ c rice and 1 c vegetable

Snack: Handful of almonds with fruit OR apple with all natural almond butter or peanut butter OR 2 tbsp. humus with raw veggies OR 1 c mixed berries with handful of no salt roasted sunflower seeds OR ¼ c homemade granola with skim or almond milk. (or milk of your choice)


Dinner: 3 to 4 oz. grilled chicken, steak or fish (or other lean protein source-turkey or pork tenderloin), big green salad or 1 c vegetable, if salad use dash of olive oil dressing, with ½ c quinoa, jasmine rice, sweet potato or brown rice quinoa pasta.

Snack: plain rice cake or celery with 1 to 2 tsp. natural almond or peanut butter

**If you are working out/training I recommend a protein shake right after followed by whatever meal or snack you have next in your line up for the day.

Use my blog to help create new ideas for meals/snacks/smoothies…..this is a general guideline and just some suggestions that can be altered if you find comparable items with similar nutritional value. Make the most of your calories as far as fiber and protein content-you want those to be high! Keep it fun by changing it up!  The more you care about the variety, the better you will be at sticking to it!

Healthy Enchilada Lasagna

enchalata lasagna 3Enchalata lasagna 2Enchalata lasagna 1Enchilada lasagna!

So clean and healthy and the whole family will love this one!

What you will need:

12 small white corn tortillas

1/2 or 3/4 lb diced chicken breast or ground turkey (or omit meat for a vegetarian dish or add black beans)

Yellow, orange, red or green pepper-pick at least 2 of those 4

1/2 c chopped onion-which ever kind you like

1 c chopped tomatoes

1/2 c corn-frozen or fresh off the cob

2 cups salsa- I used a pineapple mango flavored for extra flavor

1 c shredded mozzarella cheese

1/2 c lime juice

1/4 tbsp unsalted butter

1/4 c hot sauce

Fresh cilantro, pepper, Badia seasoning, red pepper flakes

8 oz Creamy citrus avocado dressing that I got from Whole Foods-which was the inspiration for this entire meal


1.Layer 5 tortillas on the bottom of the 9 by 13 baking dish then add 1/2 of the meat and veggie mixture that you cooked in a skillet already (add the hot sauce, lime juice, butter and seasonings as  it cooked down in the skillet)

2.Next, add the tomatoes and half of the salsa, half the cheese and then half of the avocado dressing.

3.Layer 4 more tortillas and add the rest of the meat and veggie mix, then repeat step 2.

4.Layer 3 more tortillas and sprinkle remaining cheese on top

Bake uncovered at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 min.

Enjoy!! A

Healthy Whole Grain Penne Pasta w/ ground lamb smothered in pesto garlic lemon sauce

penne with lamb and pesto
penne with lamb and pesto

What you will need:

8 oz Whole grain penne pasta

3/4 lb ground lamb-hard to find but so worth it!

1/2 c feta cheese

2 c spinach leaves

1/3 c pesto paste

1/4 lemon juice

1 cup pasta water

1/2 c skim ricotta cheese

2 tsp minced garlic

1/4 c chopped onion (white or spanish)

salt, pepper to taste

pine nuts to garnish

Optional: 1 c beef stock-mine was homemade from left over short ribs (celery, carrots, onion, basil, oregano and burgundy wine) I am pretty sure this contributed to the awesomeness but you should be fine with low sodium store-bought beef stock or without it at all. Lamb has a very powerful taste all on its own!!

Cooking Directions:

Cook lamb in skillet over med heat and drain fat

Cook pasta and set aside to cool-saving one cup of the pasta water for sauce

Add beef stock, garlic, onion, ricotta, feta, seasonings, pesto paste and  lemon juice to the lamb and mix together well

Let cook for 8 o 10 min on low to med heat then add in pasta water and pasta giving it all a good mix again

Lastly,  add spinach and pine nuts until all melted down and in together then serve

Warning!!! This smells divine from the minute you start to cook the lamb and you will want to taste it several times throughout the cooking process….its just so good!

(p.s. great for kids too! My 3 year old had 2 helpings!!)

(p.p.s remember portion control-you can eat this and not feel guilty about being what feels like  indulgent but remember to save some for lunch the next day!! )

Makes about 5 total servings and I served it with a tomato and feta salad dressed in olive oil and red wine vinegar!




Twice baked sweet potatoes

twice baked sweet potatoes

twice bakedbaked sweet potato filling




Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes-maybe my favorite thing to eat in the whole world!

Step 1: Microwave sweet potatoes until able to cut in half and scoop out 3/4 of the inside.

Step 2: Add scooped sweet potato to 1 heaping tbsp plain Greek yogurt, 1 heaping tbsp skim ricotta cheese, 1/4 c almond milk (optional), 1/4 c black beans and 1/4 c  crumbled blue cheese to mixing bowl.

Step 3: Mix together with hand mixer until well blended and slightly fluffy then scoop mixture into hollowed out sweet potatoes.

Step 4: Bake for 15 to 20 min at 375 degrees

Other combos to try for the stuffing:

Spinach or kale, black beans, Greek yogurt and feta cheese

Ricotta cheese, tuna, red onion and Greek yogurt






Sweet Potato Fries

sweet pot friesSweet Potato fries! So simple and a tasty and healthy alternative!!!  I like them better than regular fries!

1.Peel and cut your potatoes into strips

2.Drizzle olive oil over them and sprinkle very lightly with salt, pepper and parsley

3.With hands give them a rumble around  to coat with oil and seasonings

4.Bake in oven for 40 min at 350-turning halfway through



Greek Goddess Pasta


Cook 1 lb chicken breast(that you cubed and marinated in a light Greek dressing for about 40 min) then set aside

Cook 3 c whole grain penne pasta noodles and set aside (make sure you save 1 c of the pasta water to add to your sauce)


In pan sautee’ the following on med for 15 min:

Kalamata olive paste-2 tbsp (I got mine at the local Greek store)

Olive oil-2 tbsp

Garlic-1 tbsp

Red onion-chopped or sliced-1/4 c

Kalamata olives-1/2 c

Feta cheese-1/4 c

Water from pasta-1 c

*1/4 c pine nuts (optional)

*1 tbsp chopped banana peppers (optional)

Season with red pepper flakes, oregano, salt and pepper

Add the pasta and chicken to the kalamata sauce then add 2 c spinach leaves and 1/4 c feta.  Mix everything together and let them blend together for 10 min or so until the spinach is wilted down and everything is well coated in the sauce.



Roasted Acorn Squash w/ parsnips, plums and pinenuts


1 acorn squash-cut in half , wrap with foil and bake at 350 for 1 hour

In skillet place 1/4 cup pine nuts, 2 peeled and  chopped parsnips and 2 med chopped plums (skin on)

Over med heat saute pine nuts, plums and parsnips in some honey, olive oil and  a tiny bit of brown sugar for about 10 to 12 min

Transfer mixture to oven to roast for an additional 10 to 12 min

When squash is done scoop out the seeds and stuff with sautéed mixture.

I drizzled some extra honey over top too!



Wasabi, soy and lime tuna pasta salad


So simple to make, so good for you and so yummy!

2 cups of your choice of noodle-I used tri colored radiatore-cook , run cold water over and set aside in bowl

2 pouches Starkist white albacore tuna in water-add to cooled pasta

1 avocado-chopped-smother in lime juice after you cut it so it can keep its green color-add to dressing then pour into pasta mix

1/4 c chopped red onion-add to pasta mix


2 tsp honey

4 tsp olive oil

1/2 c lime juice

2 tsp hot sauce

2 tsp wasabi mustard

2 tsp soy sauce

whisk together then add chopped avocado to dressing then add to pasta mix

salt and pepper to taste

finish off with lime zest

yields about ( 4) 1 cup servings