You’re doing a great job! Keep it up! Half Marathon training update



Well, I am 3 weeks away from the half marathon and yesterday something wonderful happened that actually brought me to tears while running! I want to share it with you! My running partner and I started out with a 10 mile mission outside at 7 am. The first 4 miles went great! Then because she is a little faster than me she sprinted ahead for the 5th mile which is mostly up hill-actually to be fair it is the hardest part of this particular course! She finished about 1/4 mile ahead of me or about  2 min in front. At first I was thinking, “ummmm what is she doing? why is she leaving me?” But then I realized it was fine and this is about me and her individually and not “us”. SO I conquered that hill and ran back to our cars to shed a layer of clothing, take 2 bites of a banana and some water then we started up again for our second 5 miles.

We started out strong and all was well until about 1/2 mile into it and she went ahead of me again…so there I was ALL ALONE. Again I was like, “what is she doing? why is she leaving me”??? We continued to run-rather I continued to chase her never really trying to catch her but I could see her up ahead and knew she was still with me but also felt VERY ALONE. My knees were starting to throb but that was the only thing that was off. Thankfully, my breathing was good, my time was good, my music was good and I was ok even if I was alone.

Around mile 8 I was starting to really struggle and felt like I was moving so slow! I could still see her up ahead and just kept going. I was not going to let myself quit! As I started up another small hill a runner came by beside me and said very quietly, “you’re doing a great job, keep it up”. I said, “thank you” and sprinted ahead with some tears and a smile. I was already almost in tears from being alone and struggling and when he said that it was the best thing that could have happened to me in that moment! I needed to hear that, badly!

So to that stranger, THANK YOU! You saved my run!! To all of you out there doing and trying and giving it your all….YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB, KEEP IT UP!! Isn’t that so nice to hear?!

I  finished our run in an hour and 42 minutes which is a great time for me!! So, alone or not I did it and spent most of that time counting on the fact that I will most likely be running the half alone and thinking I can do it! That is not what I planned as last year I ran with my 2 cousins and we stuck together the entire time which I liked.

My training since the last update has gone well except I had a few more shorter runs than I would have liked but that is what my body could handle at the time. For the next 3 weeks I am going to shoot for three more 6/7 mile runs, one more 10 mile run and three more 3/4 hilly miles runs.

I am still running for my girl Hope, who turned 21 last week! I plan on ordering a tank that says I Run 4 Hope to wear the day of the race! I want her there with me as my inspiration!!

Keep pursuing your goals guys-they feel good once accomplished! Real good!

xo- A

Half Marathon Training/Runnning Info

i love to run sort of

I wanted to share with you all how my half marathon training is going. I started running/training again 2/10/14 and I am training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on 5/4/14. I have just over 30 miles in at this point and I am at a point where my short runs are 2 to 3 miles and my long run coming up this weekend is going to be 7 miles.

Here is the breakdown comparing this year to last year (my 1st half)… it is still HARD! I still struggle sometimes but I am getting better and learning to love it more and more!

Since running the last one in May of 2013 I have greatly improved in these areas:

More strength training-2 to 3 times a week-true muscle-building strength training and a huge focus on my core and legs!

I eat more food/calories in general-you must eat to keep up with what you are putting out or trying to achieve!

I eat more real food-I don’t eat bars and non-food “food”-no quick on the go bars or easy fast packaged foods

I stretch more-several times a week if not daily

I foam roll more-after every run and once a week after “leg” day for sure

I joined a group through Facebook called I Run for Michael  and got matched with a 20 year sweet girl named Hope from NY who cannot walk or talk but is the happiest girl in the world according to her mom! I dedicate all of my workouts and miles to her!! She is a huge inspiration!!

warm day for Hope month 1 for Hope

who do you run for

These are difference makers! I am proof from this year to last.

I have no knee pain after running because my core, hamstrings, glutes and quads are all equally strong and supportive!

I have more energy and can do attitude because I am actually strong and fueled to go run! I used to dread it because I didn’t realize it then,  but I was weak!!

I recover much more quickly-I remember last year crying and not being able to walk up steps after running-boo!


A good plan? What has worked for me?

Strength train 2 to 3 times a week

Run 2 to 3  times per week-One short, one hill or speed run and one long run

Yoga or stretch 2 times per week

Now, every week doesn’t go 100% according to plan but it goes something like this and is working out well! I am able to balance life, running, working, being a mom, girlfriend and a totally awesome and happy/healthy version of myself!

What I already want to change FOR NEXT YEAR-last year I stopped running after the marathon was over…big mistake! I will keep running after this one is over for sure year round making things that much easier for 2015.

***3 tips while running to help get you through (I have used them and they work!) —>given to me from a running friend:

1. Focus on the tips of your elbows-as those are the only parts on your body that literally cannot hurt

2. When you run focus on getting your heels up instead of how far forward your stride is

3. Count to 50 every time your right foot hits the ground and then switch to count to 50 every time your left foot hits. The right side of your brain is the side that says “yay! you can do it, this is awesome” and your left side, well it is saying, “why are we running?, stopppppp runnnnninnnnggg, this sucks sooo bad!”  so by focusing on the counting you don’t give your left side a chance to infiltrate and sabotage!!

May 4th-here I come!!!

I hope this info helped you and inspired you to know that you can run too!