Some tips & tricks to getting your fit on









I know, I know….you “don’t like water”….you “don’t like salad, you don’t like veggies, you can’t run, you don’t have time, it cost too much to eat healthy”….if I had a dollar for every time I heard something like this, I would be rich or at least be able to buy a real Louis Vuitton bag!!!

Tip #1: Stop with the excuses! They will get you nowhere fast!

Tip #2: Yes you can! You really can! I promise! Don’t say I can’t and do not say I Don’t….only speak the words I can and I do and my favorite I did.

Tip#3: Drink water all day, everyday by adding fruit to it. I do this almost daily by filling up my DD Iced coffee cup that I usually get in the morning with water and fruit, whatever I have on hand.  I drink at least 3 of these 32 oz size cups on top of the iced coffee that I already had out of the same cup that morning. Drinking water is like a daily cleanse for yourself….it gives you clearer skin, it flushes all of the bad out of your system and your body literally needs it to survive! I do not drink enough water throughout the day without this cup, not joking, it’s like my security blanket.

Tip #4: Get a fitness buddy-they will help encourage you and keep you motivated while having fun with a friend!

Tip#5: Buy the same things over and over at the store. Pick your daily foods that are healthy and stick with them. This is what you eat now….there is no thinking, “hmmm what am I going to eat?”. You already know and you know its good for you. They will become your staples and then spice them up from time to time with different fruits, veggies, spices and herbs. For me this is usually chicken, ground turkey,  sweet potatoes or yams, rice cakes, peanut butter, almonds, Greek yogurt, granola, oatmeal, brown rice, milk, cheese, lettuce, fruits and veggies. I save so much time at the store and at home!

Tip #6: Be “that guy” when ordering at a restaurant. Feel free to ask for things the way you want them and should be eating them-steamed, grilled, no sauce, no cheese, etc. They might find you annoying but smile big and thank them so much…its worth getting a strange look or a roll of the eyes over putting empty junk in your body just because that is the way it is listed on the menu.

I hope these help you! I know they help me!


Be A GREAT Role Model-even when you think no one is watching!

The best thing happened yesterday morning when I dropped Max off at school! Bella-his “girlfriend” saw me in my usual gym attire and asked me….. “do you go to the gym everyday?” This is great on so many levels!!! It reminded me that kids notice EVERYTHING and that we are influencing them ALL OF THE TIME! So yes I told Bella I go every single day that I can with a big smile! Who knows, I may be one of the people that she remembers from being 6 years old, seeing that smile on my face and knew it was because I was going to the gym! I hope so! I was proud of myself for setting a good example for Max and his school friends!

I have memories from when I was younger, around 12, of my Godmother, Judi, going to the Y and doing aerobics. I started to go too and remembered having so much fun! This I know for sure is my first fitness memory. That is always something I noticed and remembered about her, she LOVED the Y and still does! What a great role model for me and her 5 daughters! This is when it starts when we are little, we are shaped by our families until we grow up and get our own ideas. So, my point is think about what you are doing and who might be watching. You are shaping young minds everywhere you go and with everything that you do!   Good habits NEED to be formed at a young age! Little ones deserve to be set up for success. They don’t deserve to have to try to back pedal when they get older to rid themselves of bad habits that never needed to be formed in the first place… least that is what I think.

Mommys and daddys I know you are busy but I guarantee if you tag each other out 3 times a week for an hour each to make it to the gym you will be happier and less stressed! Exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins so give each other the gift of happiness a few times a week-an hour alone with no kids at the gym all to yourself!  Your kids (and other people’s kids) will notice and they will thank you for the new you, the new awesome you!  Be a GREAT ROLE MODEL & DFTBA!


Karate chopping intimidation at the gym!


So I have been hearing from some friends that “they don’t belong at a gym”….they are “intimidated by the other people there that are in better shape than them” ….(insert any other excuse, I mean reason, here) etc. Well let me tell you a secret,  I was once a scared little puppy just like some of you and I want to help karate chop that intimidation for you right now. I am clumsy. I am not coordinated. I had no idea what I was doing 2 years ago when I first started. I wanted to keep to myself and I didn’t want help. I didn’t feel like I fit in there either. Now, 2 years later I could care less about who is there, what they look like, what they are wearing or what they are doing. I am there for me and for my development. I am in the zone from start to finish. I observe what others are doing so that I can try new things and see whats going on in the world of fitness but I am there with my goals to accomplish and that is that. Remember, “those people” were not born physically fit perfect specimens. They also stepped into the gym for the first time one day and needed to lose weight or get ripped, toned and killed just like you. If you dare enter the gym you will be surrounded by people with like goals which is so important in staying motivated when trying to transition yourself to a healthy lifestyle. The gym is my happy place. Exercise releases endorphins. Think about it, you are going to one of the most happy places on earth, there are endorphins flying around everywhere! Laugh at the gym. It’s a FUN place to be! Above all else, please don’t be afraid to go to the gym, to try running in the park, to try a spinning class….. to do anything. Life is too short to be scared of anything.

Be bold, be brave, be yourself.

Now go…karate chop your fears. You are awesome!