I’m in love with my Peloton bike!

Man oh man does this bike and app motivate me! I have done more activity in the past 8 or so weeks than I did maybe in all of last year! It’s right there in my living room whenever I have the time. For me, now being a Full-Time stay at home mom, this has been a lifesaver! I don’t make or schedule a time to leave the house to workout and for four-plus years a while back I worked out a lot outside of the home. I slowly got out of that routine and then became pregnant with C and now like magic, it is almost a year and a half later! Plus the winter weather in Pittsburgh is cold and wet and it makes you want to curl up in a ball on the couch and watch movies or hibernate in a cave like a bear for four months. Four months out of twelve spent indoors can drive a girl crazy. Not to mention her 15-month-old daughter! SO I have to do it at home when I can. I haven’t done the same workout twice although I would because I love them all!

The instructors are all really motivating in each and every workout. You feel like a champion when you get off this thing mentally and physically. The tracking display that keeps all of your workouts and stats is amazing and also super motivating! It makes you want to beat yourself each time! It makes you not want to see a week go by with no workouts complete. You can pick a 45 min workout or a 15 and with either one, you feel accomplished and you sweat buckets. That is what I like the most. Each time I get on there and spend the time it is always worth it. I always get my heart rate soaring and the sweat always pours. I always stretch after just for a few minutes and I always feel great! The miles, the output, the calories burned, the achievements earned visually are all so motivating! You cannot help but feel proud of yourself on this thing no matter who you are or what level you are at!

This new motivation has also helped me to eat better and just be more aware of how my body is feeling and how nutrition and physical activity is a direct reflection of that. It helps my mood a lot as well and who doesn’t need a mental boost every once in a while? I love my Peloton and I recommend it wholeheartedly! I have yet to do the yoga, meditation or strength training on it because I am still not in the habit of using it daily. Hoping I will get there but from a place of not doing much physically beside momin’ it all day every day I think an average 3 times a week is great progress! It is not going anywhere. It is mine and like I said before it is always there for me. I have noticed changes in my body and most importantly it is helping build up those good habits I had before I had Charlotte. Even though I know there is nothing wrong with the current Adrienne I know for sure the old Adrienne felt better and that is what I am striving for. I know my Peloton will help me get there and I plan on enjoying the journey!

This bike is the best present I have ever received from my husband. He seems to know just what I need when I need it. I can’t wait to keep riding and see how far I can push myself mentally & physically!


pelotion 1st ride<January 15, 2019-one of the best days ever! >

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Fast Track Workout and Nutrition Advice

track workout

I wanted to share with you my workout from yesterday! It was short but awesome!

First, I ate some delicious overnight oats that I made with:

1 c oats, 1 c almond milk, 1tsp flaxseed meal, tsp chia seeds, half banana (added in the morning) cinnamon, nutmeg and a few drops of honey (also added in the morning.)  I ate 3/4 of this and saved the rest for after the workout along with a protein shake.

overnight oats

I dropped off my son at Kindergarten at 9:15 and by 9:27 I was on the track running. I ran the first mile in 8 minutes and 40 seconds-which is fast for me! I can’t keep that pace for more than 1 to 2 miles (yet). I walked 1 lap and then ran 2 at the same pace, walked 1 and then ran 2 more at the same pace. It took me 25 minutes total, a total of 2.5 miles and I  felt like I had accomplished something! I was home by 10 am. Not to bad if you ask me!!

I drank my protein shake in the car right after and when I got home I ate the rest of my oats.

I want you to think of your workout as 3 total parts. Each workout whatever it is should have a beginning a middle and an end.

Begin with a proper pre-workout meal/snack

Workout-doesn’t have to be for hours. It can be quick as long as you are working hard-that’s the key!

End with stretching and a proper post workout meal

Also, proper rest is crucial! I have noticed that 3 to 4 workouts per week are perfect for me. I do a running, yoga & strength training combo. I work hard during those workouts and my body needs the other days to truly rest/recover and rebuild! So does yours.

I found this infographic that may help explain 🙂 xo, A

greatist pre and after


Happy October!!!!


One word-GLUTES!!! (other wise known as your booty, butt, bum, apple-bottom)

Let’s FOCUS on shaping our bums all month long!

We will focus on 6 great exercises that target and shape our glutes! We will repeat them each week AND up the sets/reps!

Here is the schedule:






Here are the exercises:

Mondays- SINGLE LEG SQUATS-(TIP-if you need help you can hold onto a chair in front of you or you can bend down like you are going to tie your shoe and touch the floor with your finger tips… helping to keep you grounded while squatting on the same leg for the number of reps indicated then switch legs)


Tuesdays-LUNGES-(Tips-go as low as you can but make sure you keep a good form by keeping your chest and head up. Also, never extend your knee past your toes. Arms up (like in the pic) is the hardest version so if you need to please keep your arms at your sides or hold your waist)


Wednesdays-LEG KICKBACKS(Tips-can be done on the floor or on a chair, bench or even standing against a wall. Extend your leg back and pause/squeeze glutes before letting back down)


Thursdays-SQUATS-(Yay!!! Tips-chest and head up, butt goes straight back, knees never extend over toes! If you are just starting out try sitting straight down and getting back up repeatedly on a bench or chair to get your form down and to start to strengthen those muscles!)


Fridays-STIFF LEGGED DEADLIFTS W/ DUMBBELLS-(Tips-follow the picture-legs are “stiff” but knees are slightly bent-never locked-dumbbells go down to about your shins and then pull everything up and squeeze glutes then release back down)


Saturday-FIRE HYDRANTS-(Tips-so fun to do with the kids if you have any! Focus on your glutes, pretend like you are a dog, lift your leg, squeeze, add a kick if you want then release back down)


Sunday-Rest Day!

Remember sleep, stretch, eat well, stay hydrated and focus on your form with all of these exercises!!!

Remember to do the number of sets/reps on each leg if you are doing one of the single leg at a time exercises!

Break/Rest for a min or 2 between each set. These shouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 min per day so make sure you take the time each day to do them so you can see the difference at the end of the month!! Your booty will thank you!

Keep me posted on your progress!!! xoxo-A

@ home “craft sticks” workout!

I made these for my mother/daughter duo clients this evening! My friend saw this idea on Pinterest and passed it on to me! This was so much fun for me to get to do for them! I made them 16 different exercises and they can pick and choose how they want to tackle them. One set of colors at a time or pick 1 from each color, etc. It allows them to mix it up and not get bored. When they are “done” their stick goes into their “done” cup on display for all to see. Part of getting in shape and staying that way is feeling proud of yourself *** as you should!! I want them to be competitive with eachother-which no problem there, they always are with me-but having their own “done” cups will help at home!! These are great to do if you have little kids at home! They will like to pull the sticks for you and put them in the cup when you are done! Remember, lead by example for those kiddos are looking up to and learning from you!

It is so important to realize that changes to your body can and will occur if you make staying fit part of your lifestyle. Put your mind to it and don’t stop.  You will begin to love how you feel!!! Make it FUN!

It is something that you have to keep working at daily, weekly, monthly….. yearly. It is a never-ending maintenance program that you sign yourself up for so make it fun!

I did this one with no weights or accessories, etc. needed but you can make them work for you and where you are at in your fitness journey with free weights, bands, etc.



Kettlebell and dumbbell workout-my favorite!!!

I do this routine a lot with my clients and I do it myself! Very effective and really targets your entire body!!!

3 sets of 15 Kettlebell squat swings-either rows, straight ahead or side to side

2 sets of “Lawnmowers” kettlebell lunges on each side

Plank side pushups-3 sets of 10 to 12

3 sets of 15 on each leg- kickbacks

Shoulder circuit-front, flys, rows and shrugs-3 sets of 12 of each

3 sets of 20 “mountain climbers”

Triceps circuit-extensions, kickbacks and dips on chair or bench-3 sets of 12 of each

Bicep circuit-curls, hammers, overhead curls-3 sets of 12 on each

***All circuits are done with dumbbells all 3 or 4 moves are 12 reps in a row of each then you rest. Use lighter weights because you are doing so many reps at once. Rest for 1 to 2 min between each set-no rest between each move.

Do it then let me know how great you feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Healthy Heart 52 min cardio circuit workout

Do you have 52 min a day at least one or two days a week to devote to making your heart healthy? I know you know that eating right is going to help keep your heart healthy but what about your cardio workouts? I did this fun circuit this morning that totaled 52 min of moving and I burned 480 calories!  I get bored so easily so this kept me bouncing around from machine to machine and I burned on average 120 calories on each machine! I worked up an awesome sweat and felt great afterwards!!!

Here is what I did:

Stretch out hams, quads and calves for a few min

Warm up 5 min on treadmill then 10 min jogging at a good speed

Break and clean off treadmill which will keep you moving for 60 seconds

15 min on the cross trainer at a mid cross ramp and resistance setting

Break again but keep moving and clean machine

Hop on the elliptical and go hard for 12 min using the arms the entire time too

Break one more time, clean machine and keep moving for 60 seconds

Lastly get to work on the stepmill for 8 min then slow down/cool down for the last 2 min

Stretch and cool down

Done!!! Your heart will thank you!!!

Love this workout-@ home or at the gym!


Start out with 5 min warm up on cardio machine or run outside and stretch out for a few min…..

 20 on each leg:

  1. Pilates leg lifts
  2. Back kick plank-this incorporates your abs also
  3. Side hip lifts (fire hydrants)

Repeat 1., 2. and 3.

3 sets of 20:

  1. Bridge lifts (pelvic thrusts)
  2. Oblique twist on mat with ball or dumbbell weight
  3. Sumo squat swings into triceps extensions with dumbbell weight, ball or kettlebell

20 min on cardio machine or run outside

Stretch 5 min

When doing all of these exercises it is so important to make very deliberate, slow and controlled movements. It is not a race. Make each one count. Squeeze the muscle you are focused on and feel the progress as it’s happening. Visualize your body changing form and concentrate only on the task at hand for that moment.

DONE and DONE! Should take just about an hour or just under!

Is it ok for kids to “workout”?…..Yep!

Ok, don’t freak out….I don’t make Max lift weights but on this night before we went up to bed he grabbed mine (5 lbs each) and said “wait mommy I want to get big and strong first!” Of course I thought this was the best thing in the world because I want him to understand that lifting weights or running, whatever the movement is, that it is and should be normal and not the exception. I want him from this young age to enjoy physical activity and to talk about the nutritional benefits of what food he is eating. He is able to name different sources of proteins on the spot when asked, knows the difference between a “good carb and a bad carb” and has for some time now. I know, I’m too extreme right?  I don’t think so. Habits form now so now is the time to be extreme if that is what you want to call it. Check out some of exercises’ benefits and risk factors that I found while doing research for my personal training exam and decide for yourself!

Some benefits that I was not fully aware of that I found included improved brain function and memory along with a stronger immune system. Also, I believe most importantly, the building of confidence and self-esteem along with helping to ensure they maintain a healthy weight. Just one hour per day can achieve all of this. It even helps with depression and anxiety because exercise naturally makes you happy!

Some risks that I found were not many but one I focused on was the risk of “over doing it”. If you take a child that has been sedentary for quite some time and thrust them into vigorous physical activity the greater the chance of them getting injured will be. If weight/strength training then I would say that the risks will be lower if the strength training is supervised and focuses on slowly gaining muscle and flexibility. Weights can be started at age 7 or 8 as long as the child is able to follow the plan and directions that have been outlined to reduce the risk of injury. I would say it is definitely safe and effective best when taken lightly with more reps as the goal. A risk to exercise is always injury, I suppose, and in children you risk maybe stunting their growth if certain bones become broken. So its best to start out by playing, running, doing pull ups in the park or climbing, etc. Slowly build up the muscles, strength and flexibility to reduce the risk. Children should also be taught to stretch properly and warm up/ cool down to avoid injury. In conclusion there are great benefits to children exercising and the risks can be minimized with proper measures and guidelines.

Encourage your kids to workout or “kill it” as a family together! DFTBA!

Karate chopping intimidation at the gym!


So I have been hearing from some friends that “they don’t belong at a gym”….they are “intimidated by the other people there that are in better shape than them” ….(insert any other excuse, I mean reason, here) etc. Well let me tell you a secret,  I was once a scared little puppy just like some of you and I want to help karate chop that intimidation for you right now. I am clumsy. I am not coordinated. I had no idea what I was doing 2 years ago when I first started. I wanted to keep to myself and I didn’t want help. I didn’t feel like I fit in there either. Now, 2 years later I could care less about who is there, what they look like, what they are wearing or what they are doing. I am there for me and for my development. I am in the zone from start to finish. I observe what others are doing so that I can try new things and see whats going on in the world of fitness but I am there with my goals to accomplish and that is that. Remember, “those people” were not born physically fit perfect specimens. They also stepped into the gym for the first time one day and needed to lose weight or get ripped, toned and killed just like you. If you dare enter the gym you will be surrounded by people with like goals which is so important in staying motivated when trying to transition yourself to a healthy lifestyle. The gym is my happy place. Exercise releases endorphins. Think about it, you are going to one of the most happy places on earth, there are endorphins flying around everywhere! Laugh at the gym. It’s a FUN place to be! Above all else, please don’t be afraid to go to the gym, to try running in the park, to try a spinning class….. to do anything. Life is too short to be scared of anything.

Be bold, be brave, be yourself.

Now go…karate chop your fears. You are awesome!


Shoulders/Chest workout!


This is my workout from this morning! Shoulders and chest done with my first “test client” Elena-a dear friend of mine! She is letting me experiment with her in exchange for a pretty awesome day at Jimmy Buffet next week! That’s our reward for being so awesome. BGTB-Be Good Till Buffet! Ha that’s our motivation to be good, do work and get results. We are not thinking months ahead or even weeks-just a week and a half of goal setting and getting it done (we started this past Monday). Then, after Buffet we will set new goals and keep going…..

Speaking of which, I have been laid off for 2 weeks now and I can honestly say that I have been to the gym, ran or both 10 out of those 14 days. I see and feel results. With extra time I have been able to concentrate more on my body and it is showing. So 2 weeks of dedication and commitment equals one happy girl! I have been more productive and motivated in these past 2 weeks than ever in my entire life. That is how you get results by being excited and committed to the cause-whatever that may be. Enthusiasm goes a long way!!!

You can see from my BodyMinder what exercises we did and also what I ate and drank so far today. Don’t forget to get some protein immediately following your workout! Your muscles are craving it-don’t upset them! Hmmmm….Its almost time for lunch as I write this-I’m excited!

You have the plan now go kill some shoulders!